Stella Chelagat Graduate, B. Sc. Geospatial Information Science

I am a proud 2016 graduate in B. Sc Geospatial Information Science not only because of academic achievement but the wholesome growth I experienced at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. I learnt immense virtues of integrity, inter-correlation irrespective of gender and tribe, communion and honor in all ages and achievement. DeKUT is indeed a land of greatness, it has taught me to dream big and acquaint myself holistically thus adding quality to this award, the degree .It was the greatest experience in my life. Thank you to Almighty God and great Dedan Kimathi administration, staff, chaplaincy and fellow students for their great support and Love.


Samuel Kibui Graduate, B. Sc. Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems

I joined DeKUT, then Kimathi University College of Technology (KUCT), on 29th April 2011 and was enrolled for Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information System as the first lot. It was an adventurous and life-changing experience at the campus. For me, it was a successful journey as I became an expert in my field (GIS Development) courtesy of the quality training offered at Dedan Kimathi University. This has placed me where I wished to be (self employed GIS Developer and Expert). The events at the university really built my career. I am glad to have been part of the DeKUT family and more so a B.Sc. in Geospatial Information Science student. It’s through great service that God uplifts his people. God bless DeKUT and all associated to it.


Derrick Nandwa .K. Graduate, B.Sc Mechatronic Engineering.

Through the International Association for the Exchange of students for Technical Experience- IASTE club at DeKUT, I was accepted for an internship at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany for a period of 12 weeks during my fourth year of study. I was tasked to carry out research on the different work functions of a grader machine – normally used for road construction. This involved developing mathematical descriptions of its blade kinematics and also modelling the blade kinematics with appropriate software. My thorough knowledge in kinematics analysis of multibody systems and modelling was tested. This was a very educative challenge that took me the entire 12 weeks and tested my analytical tenacity. Patience was in no doubt a vital attribute during this time. All in all, this was all fun working on this as it exposed me to very different ways of problem solving and work ethos. Being at DeKUT exposed me to this opportunity through the various collaboration the institution has with Germany and other International institutions.


Wairimu Munene Brian Graduate, B.Sc Food Science and Technology

Out here, life after campus, more than anyone else, we DeKUT graduates make university education exceptional. Together we endured, conquered and emerged victorious. This great institution molded us. I can’t predict the future or what the world will be like when we return for our 25th reunion in years to come; will we have sustainable energy? Will Kenya be the exemplary country that our Vice Chancellor has always challenged us to build?
I know that whatever paths we have taken are not the easy ones but I know we will endure and conquer because that is what DeKUT molded us to be; conquerors.

Esther Wanjiru kaburu Graduate, B. Sc Information Technology

5th September, 2011; the year I got to be part of this amazing institution, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology; then, Kimathi University College of Technology. I did not know what to expect, hearing is never the same as experiencing you know! I was however happy to be part of this humble Institution. Maybe I had a gut feeling that it was going to be the best decision in my life.
As a young Institution, there were several challenges but there is always a choice so I chose to focus on the strengths and the opportunities. If I was to select all over again, I would still choose Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. DeKUT is a gem that only those keen enough can discover and only those wise enough can exploit. Today, I am part of DeKUT fraternity from a different front continuously participating in taking this University from strength to strength as it continues to mould me to the best I can be. Through the help of the Almighty God, we shall together achieve greatness and take our rightful position globally.

Cyrus Kiiru Graduate, B. Sc Mechatronics Engineering

I am a happy graduate of DeKUT having had an opportunity to learn from the best. What makes Kimathi stand out for me is the University’s commitment to providing a holistic learning experience in a bid to produce graduates with not only good grades, but with competent skills to take on the competitive job market. This can be evidenced by the University’s continuous support towards the Robotics club (among other clubs), which I was a member of since my 2nd year of study. Participation in the robotics club allowed me to harness and polish my skills in electronic design, embedded systems programming, PCB layout and design. During my interview, in one of the fastest growing tech companies in Kenya, BRCK, I recall the interviewer coming into the room with a PCB and asked me to point out the components of the PCB and what I thought it was designed for. Thanks to the training and experience I gained at DeKUT, the interview was a walk in the park. This shows that the industry is changing; people are being hired on merit of their skills rather than their grades. Dedan Kimathi University offers exactly that. 2 out of the 4 hardware engineers in the engineering department at BRCK are former students of Dedan Kimathi University; this alone should be proof of the quality training offered by the University.


Mercy Sigei Chelangat Graduate, B. Sc Industrial Chemistry

Being an active student at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology opened up many opportunities for growth. DeKUT offered me an opportunity to practice leadership on multiple fronts and this has prepared me for the life after campus and enhanced my intellectual capacity. I will be forever grateful to all who played part in molding me. Special thanks to DeKUT for equipping me to face the world.

Edwin Nyakwama Makori Graduate, Bachelor of Business Administration

 I am proud to have been a DeKUT student as I was molded to solve societal problems; a solutions provider in different life scenarios and dilemmas. DeKUT constantly gave me an opportunity to develop academically, socially and in leadership through every interaction I had during my campus life. Dialogue and tranquility are my policies; this has been enriched. The support the university provides has always been need- based, not on individual judgments and/or ethnicity. This should be embraced nationally.

Everlyne Kaberere Graduate, B. Sc Information Technology

I am a proud graduate of DeKUT. This is because DeKUT has shaped me to a confident, intelligent and competitive woman in the industry as a Woman in Technology. I, inspired by a mentor through the University’s Innovation hub (DeHUB), realized that many ladies were shying away from Tech and had the mentality that it was a man’s world. An opportunity then arose; Google Women Tech Makers formed in 2012. This coincided with the ready me making me the first lead of the community. This participation by Google was to enable provision of resources, visibility and a community for the Women in Technology in the University. DeKUT has played a big role in making sure the community has all the resources it needs when holding its events and forums towards the goal of empowering more women into the tech community. As a result, there has been a rise of the number of ladies actively involved in research, innovation and technopreneurship. Out here in the industry, I now stand out among the men in technology as an enabled woman in the field.
I am proud to be associated with DeKUT. Long live DeKUT! 

Wamuyu Esther Nyaguthii Graduate, Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management

Studying at Dedan Kimathi University of technology was a great experience for me as the Institution is not just about bettering life through technology (as the motto states) but giving a chance to experience life in a completely different and amazing way. From the diversity which helps shape ones understanding of other cultures to the learning environment so conducive and the availability of learning resources coupled with high academic standards, DeKUT was the place to be in shaping a path to my dreams. I just don’t have a degree to show from DeKUT but every activity and interaction helped me gain skills, experiences, empowerment and exposure hence molding my personality.
I thank the University for enriching my life.

Nicholas Gitari Graduate, B. Sc Business Information Technology

Being a member of DeKUT family is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. DeKUT gave me more than I anticipated as I joined the Institution in September, 2013. Other than the quality education, the institution offered me several opportunities to discover myself in more ways than one as well as harness my inter and intrapersonal skills. While at DeKUT, I was exposed to various opportunities and challenges that have seen my intellectual capacity grow exponentially. Apart from graduating in a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, I also graduated in several life skills such as planning, leadership, teamwork, creativity, organizational, conflict resolution and much more. I owe all this to DeKUT. The university gives the students the platform to develop and exploit individual leadership skills. Many thanks to the university administration and the team of lecturers who zealously offer their best to students


Wycliffe Muriuki Graduate, B. Sc Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Being in Dedan Kimathi University was a fantastic experience. Through my academic journey, I encountered so many things and gained so much in the short duration of time. Being at DeKUT enabled me get the rare opportunity to access quality education and from the state of the art laboratories and workshops to post modern facilities, my intellectual formation was incredible. The lecturers have the zeal to offer the best of academic and practical experience since their qualification is just outstanding.As a student, I was involved in many activities that take place in the university from sports, academics, innovation, community service, environmental programs, and outdoor excursions. I not only graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering but also gained holistic training in life skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, innovation, conflict resolution and much more. The university gives the students the platform to develop and exploit individual leadership skills.Coming to DeKUT enabled me actualize my dream career. In my involvement, I continue flying the flag of DeKUT high, delivering a high level of professionalism.


Peter Theuri Class of 2009

I am proud to have studied at DeKUT.The institution shaped me to who I am today. I first joined in 2008 for a bridging course in mathematics and later in 2009 for B.COM.Even if there were limited resources as the University was young and growing, the challenges did not hinder me from achieving my academic goals. I interacted with students from different ethnic groups, religious backgrounds and social classes and from them I gained a lot which can help me work in anywhere in Kenya. I was also a student leader and the leadership skills I gained in DeKUT earned me the responsibility of the head of department at my work place. Its one of the best universities offering very competitive courses.


Ms. Toto Olita Class of 2012

 The foundation of actuarial studies I got from DKUT and various leadership opportunities has contributed immensely to my career path. I have been able to get involved in research work and concepts I did not know before coming to DKUT. This helped me discover my interest in investments. DKUT degree also gave me a strong academic base to join Curtin University for Masters in Actuarial and Financial Science. My goal is to develop investments and financial planning models in the near future and manage portfolios in projects I am assigned.


Mr. Philip Makokha

I joined Dekut when it had just been elevated to a university college status. Then, challenges were immense but the committed staff that was around made things easier for us. Lecturers were so committed that sometimes we would joke that they were taking studies so seriously that one would think we were preparing for a National examination. Looking back now, I realise why they used to do this. At DeKUT,you are moulded academically,spiritually,emotionally and even physically. To the students, make the right choices and you will never regret in life. Life is all about choices.