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Thank you for visiting Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) Institutional Advancement Directorate. In Institutional Advancement we connect the University’s vision with donors’ passion with the main aim of impacting the nation and the world at large!

DeKUT is not just another University but a hub of technology development resulting to new innovation, an inclusive community where the entrepreneurial culture is inculcated among both staff and students hence releasing to the market job creators as opposed to job seekers, and also offers her students a home away from home where cutting edge things happen. It is DeKUT T that students are offered an opportunity to grow their ideas to innovative ventures.

The directorate pursues funding through a broad spectrum of public and private resources that support DeKUT’s strategic plan and aligns with the long-term vision of the University. The directorate complements other DeKUT in working towards achievement of her mission which is “to provide academically stimulating, culturally diverse and quality learning environment that fosters research, innovation and technology development towards producing relevant technical and managerial human resource and leaders to contribute to attainment of national development goals”.

Vision Statement

To effectively contribute in positioning of DeKUT as a Premier University of Technology by developing and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with individual and corporate donors and philanthropists.

 Mission Statement

The Directorate Institutional Advancement mission is to provide support for DeKUT’s programmes and services by soliciting private/public gifts, cultivating a culture of giving by philanthropists as wells encouragement of community participation.

The directorate’s agenda is driven by the desire to support the University achieve her core mandate which is to offer quality education through teaching, research and community outreach. To achieve this, the directorate functions include:

  1. Develop and cultivate relations with a wide range of like-minded partners including individual and corporate donors, philanthropists and foundations to support DeKUT’s programmes and projects.
  2. Develop and sustain mutually beneficial, productive, and long lasting collaborations that advance DeKUT’s core mandate.
  3. Generation of non tuition revenue to support DeKUT’s Institutional Development for enhance service delivery in research, teaching and community outreach.
  4. Engages academic staff and administrators in identifying and prioritizing key funding needs
  5. Engaging alumni and friends for financial support
  6. Institutionalizing local, national, regional and international philanthropy among other things.

Why give to DeKUT?

DeKUT is a public university in Kenya which has stood out as a comprehensive University of Technology with over 70% of her programmes being in STEM. DeKUT strongly believes that development at any phase is always linked with technology and technology happens when there is advancement in science. Hence science, technology and development are all proportional to each other. DeKUT therefore strongly believes in:

  • Advancing science for first class innovations.
  • Supporting her faculty to ensure they remain current and are swiftly able to leverage on developing technology.
  • Inculcating an entrepreneurial culture among her students so as to charge their mindset to being job creators as opposed to job seekers. This can only be achieved in the presence of state of art technology development centre.
  • Recognizing every contribution that goes to supporting her in achieving her mandate which is teaching, research and community outreach. The University has a donor’s park with different categories ranging from Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • Transparency and accountability by ensuring that all funds donated are used for intended purpose and books of account are open to specific donors wishing to authenticate usage of funds donated.
  • Equal opportunity for either gender by ensuring implementation of the Gender Policy which has been well articulated in the DeKUT students association. This is despite the University being science oriented hence having a low female population.
  • Intensified research that contributes to spin off industries that will spur economic growth of the Science and Technology Park in the University.
  • Supporting needy but bright students complete their studies.
  • DeKUT has an innovation hub that provides opportunities to her students to actualize their dreams!

Ways to give:

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology was founded through a community initiative dubbed “harambee”. The harambees were conducted in churches, primary and secondary schools in the region and finally an institute was formed where the locals would study at a minimal fee. On attaining the status of a fully fledged public University, DeKUT was amongst the lowest fee charging Universities. With the dwindling government capitation most especially for operational expenses, the fee has continued to increase while at the same time slowing down some necessary institutional development. This as we all agree should not be the way to go for a premier University with so much unexploited potential including vast piece of land, her location in a serene learning environment and the fact that it is the leading Kenyan technology intensive university as affirmed by the course offered majority of which are in STEM.

With your support you can help bridge this growing financial gap through a variety of giving options.  

Giving options

1. Supporting a “Chair” Department/Institute in the University

This includes giving to the University to launch a specific graduate programme in line with the University core competences and in support of the University academic model. For example support for 25 masters and 10 PhD students (Costs to include 1 professor, 2 Senior Lecturers, Scholarships for 25 Masters and 10PhD Students).

Donating for a “Chair” provides you with an assurance that the things you care about most become part of DeKUT in perpetuity hence impacting on future generations Chairs in DeKUT will contribute to creating a pool of top botch faculty and graduates students with the ability to pursue big ideas for enhanced economic development. Among other things, Chairs:

  • Address specific areas of importance
  • Strengthen a specific discipline
  • Contribute to building a network of experts

2. Supporting a signature programme and evolving initiatives that has a community impact:

These include support towards capacity Building for DeKUT staff as well as offering support community based programmes that aims at alleviating an existing challenge.

3. Gifts to the University:

This includes a huge range of gifts that can be donated to the University including and not limited to Buildings, Books, Cars, Trophies, Sports Kit amongst others.

4. Donating to Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Endowment Fund (DeKUTEF):

This comprises of both endowed and non-endowed to support academically gifted or worthy but financially needy students hence helps the University attract best and brightest students.  This fund is supported by both corporate and Individuals and the donations are categorized into three categories including Gold, Silver and Bronze. Channels that contribute to DeKUTEF include:

  1. Blessed Sr. Stephanie Irene Nyaatha scholarship and bursary: You can make a direct contribution to this bursary kit and while in Kenya you can enhance it further by visiting Sister Stephanie Irene Nyaatha shrine right in the University heroes’ garden.  The heroes garden is also home to plaques for distinguished heroes, the late Dedan Kimathi and the late Nelson Mandela, for their defining leadership in advancing the courses of African freedom and building a non racial society.
  2. Sponsor and/or participate in climb to educate: Climb to educate is a DeKUT initiative that dates back to 2015 where DeKUT staff, Students and friends raise funds and participate in climbing Mt. Kenya which it the second tallest Mt. in Africa. It aims at raising funds for the endowment fund that offers support to needy and very bright students in the University in the spirit of helping them complete their studies for a better life.
  3. Supporting and /or participating in DeKUT Golf Tournament: This event is targets to grow the Endowment Fund. The University organizes Annual Golf Tournament events which bring together DeKUT Alumni, the University Staff and Management and DeKUT friends.

All Dedan Kimathi University of Technology graduates are considered members of DeKUT Alumni Association. The DeKUT Alumni office is committed to fostering a spirit of togetherness among members of our association, establish and maintain effective relationship between DeKUT and its alumni, to provide a vigorous body with the ability to sustain and promote the growth, development and welfare of the University in an effort to growing the University to being a premier University of Technology.

Some of the engagements advanced by our Alumni Members include:

  1. Mentoring current DeKUT students
  2. Reconnecting with friends you studied with
  3. Partnering in our programmes to create internship/attachment opportunities
  4. Making a philanthropic commitment to one of DeKUT’s receiving avenues
  5. Contributing in an effort to forge a greater bond between DeKUT and the surrounding community.

We are appealing to all our Alumni to show pride in being DeKUT’s Alumni by making a donation to an area of your choice.  As an Alumni and having successfully passed through the University, you can propose areas that need improvement and rally behind such events to ensure that they receive sufficient funding. A case in point is a swimming pool that would give our students an opportunity to enjoy an additional recreation activity.  Such a facility could as well be opened to the public for an additional income to the University.  Yes, DeKUT values and appreciates her alumni for the critical role they are playing in offering developmental solutions to issues affecting humanity in the various areas. Our Alumni are talented, innovative and despite being from a young University creating a robust networked community. As a University we draw great strength from our graduates’ ongoing engagements.

 Your gift /Donation will contribute to:

  1. Supporting research programmes that result to new innovations that impact on our economic development.
  2. Providing unrestricted funds to meet DeKUT most urgent needs hence enable the University to respond to areas of greatest priority.
  3. Strengthening our faculty to maintain academic excellence.
  4. Growing the capabilities and impact of academic departments to remain vibrant and contribute.
  5. Providing scholarship assistance for students.
  6. Initiating new programs that reinvent education for enhanced production of graduate for the future.

By making a philanthropic investment, you will greatly help Dedan Kimathi University of Technology produce new kind leaders and innovators for a different kind of future, and advance discovery for a brighter tomorrow through advanced technology. Kindly get in touch with us on +254 742343404

All contributions to Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Endowment Fund (DeKUTEF) can be channeled to Mpesa Pay Bill No. 205500 or 522522 Account Number 1158874847



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