Doctoral and MBA Professors

Prof. N. Kioni, PhD. Cambridge, UK

Ndirangu Kioni Photo

Areas of Research Interests;
-Computational & Experimental Thermodynamics,
-Energy Engineering,
-Applications on Renewable Energy Sources,
-Industrial Research & Development,
-Technology Transfer.

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Prof. Esther N. Magiri - Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration & Finance)

Prof MagiriProf. Esther Nkirote Magiri is currently serving as Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance). She attended Tel Aviv University, Israel for her postdoctoral studies, having graduated with a Ph.D degree in applied Molecular Biology in Plant Pathology from ZheJiang University, PR , China. Before this, she had graduated with MSC in Biochemistry and BSc. (Biochemistry major and Zoology minor) from University of Nairobi.  She is an associate member of Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).

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School of Engineering

Prof. Peter Nganga Muchiri

Muchiri Peter Photo

PhD. in Mechanical Engineering (KU Leuven - Belgium), MSc. in Industrial Engineering (Energy & Safety) - (KU Leuven - Belgium), BSc. in Mechanical Engineering (JKUAT)

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Manufacturing & Value addition  - Maintenance Engineering
- Industrial Engineering - Safety Engineering
- Process Engineering  - Waste water   
- Facilities Design  

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Prof. James Nyabega Keraita

Prof. KeraitaPhD. in Manufacturing Automation (Yeungnam University - South Korea), MSc. in Applied Mechanics (UoN), BSc. in Mechanical Engineering (UoN), Post-doctorate - Manufacturing Engineering (Yeungnam University - South Korea).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Manufacturing Automation  
- Industrial Engineering
- Design of Mechatronic Systems
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Dr. Jean Bosco Byiringiro

dr jean bosco PhD. in Mechanical Engineering - Micro/Nanofabrication  (Yeungnam University - South Korea), MSc. in Mechatronic   Engineering (JKUAT), BSc. In Electromechanical Engineering, Advanced Dip in Electromechanical Engineering , Dip in   Electromechanical Engineering (Kigali Institute of Sciences)

 Areas of Research Interests;
 - Artificial intelligence - Control
 - Rapid prototyping - (3 D Printing, Stereo-lithography) 
 - Hybrid micro-machining Engineering, (EDM, Laser etc.)
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Dr. Ciira Wa Maina

Dr. Ciira

 PhD. in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Drexel University - USA), BSc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (UoN)

  Areas of Research Interests;
 -Signal Processing ,
 -Machine Learning,
 -Data Science,
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Dr. Njenga Mburu

PhD. in Environmental Engineering (UNESCO-ITHE - Institute of water & Education -(Delft  - Netherlands), MSc. in Civil Engineering (JKUAT), BSc. in Civil Engineering (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Natural Systems for Water waste treatment                             
- Optimization of Eco-technologies performance by means of experimental set-ups & model based designs

Dr. Harrison Thuku Ngetha

PhD. in Product Development System Engineering, (Gifu University - Japan), MSc. in Telecommunication Engineering, (JKUAT), BSc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, (JKUAT), Diploma in IT Profiency & Computer Aided Design, (Wisemen Trainers & Consultant Ltd)

Areas of Research Interests;
-Renewable Energy (Solar PV) ,
-CMV - IPMC Actuator in Robotics  ,
-Brain Waves - EEG, EDG, EMG,

 School of Business Management & Economics

 Prof. Theuri Matthew Mwangi, PhD.DD.

 dr theuriPhD. in Philosophy & Theology & Education Psychology, MA, (Duquesne University), BA in Philosophy & Theology (Urbaniana University-Rome), Dip in Theology & Psychology  (St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Seminary, Nairobi), Cert in African Traditional Religious & Philosophy (St. Augustine Senior Seminary, Bungoma)

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Leadership, - Contemporary Ethical Issues, 
- Governance, - Philosophy of Education & development,
- Youth and Development, - Feminist Ethics and Development     
- Education Psychology - Urban and Regional Development
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Prof. Fr. Donatus Mathenge Githui

 Fr.DonatusPhD. in Religious Studies, MA in Religious Studies(Luvain University - Belgium), BA in Theology (Urbaniana University - Rome), Dip in Philosophy , Dip Theology (St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Seminary, Nairobi), Certificate in Culture and Sociology (Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Israel), Certificate in Religious Studies (UoN).

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Ethics & Integrity,                 
- Contemporary Issues in
- Business Ethics,   Security Management & Criminology
- Philosophy & Critical Thinking
- Emerging Issues in Private and Public Sector
- Theology - Entrepreneurship & Business Start-ups 
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Prof. Simmy Mwita Marwa

 PhD. in Management Science (Lancaster University - UK), Master of Business Administration (UoN), Bachelor of Commerce (UoN).

Areas of Research Interests;
-Quality Management,
-Leadership ,
-Process improvement,

Dr. Susan Ngure

Susan ngurePhD. Human Resource Management (Edith Cowan University), MBA Human Resource Management (Kenyatta University) B.Ed Home Economics (Kenyatta University), Higher National Diploma in Psychology Counselling (KIPC), Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (Skills Strategies International - Australia) 

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Human Resource Management,              
- Training & Assessment,  
- Vocational Education & Training,
- Business Management
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 Dr. David Ndungu Kiragu

 David KiraguPhD. in Business Administration, Finance (JKUAT), Masters in Business Administration, Accounting (UoN), Bachelor of Commerce,  Accounting (UoN), CPA-K (KASNEB), Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Member.

 Areas of Research Interests;
 -Operational Risk,                                      
 -Behavioral Finance,                                   
 -Financial Monitoring & Evaluation,           
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 Dr. Gicuru K. Ithinji

PhD in Agricultural Economics (Ohio State University), Master of Philosophy in Agricultural Economics(Moi University), BSc. In Agricultural Economics, Dip in Farm Management (Egerton University)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Technology Adoption                                
- Economic Policy                                     
- Agricultural economics

Dr. Ruth Joyce Nyawira Kaguta

PhD. in Criminology & Private Law(Universite De Pau et Des Pays De L'Adour - France), LLB (Mt. Kenya University), MA in Sociology (Moi University) BA in Sociology (Moi University)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Security Management                               
- Imprisonment & Law

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Dr. George Kamau Riro

PhD in Business Administration, Accounting(Kabarak University), MBA, Accounting, (UoN)  BEd(Arts), CPA (KASNEB)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Accounting                                             
- Finance

Dr. Lilian Karimi Mugambi

PhD. in Business Administration & Management, - Strategic Management (DeKUT) MSc. in Managerial Technology,  (Johnson & Wales University - USA), BSc. In Hospitality Management (Florida International University - USA), Diploma in HRM - (KIM), Diploma in Hotel Management (Kenya Utalii College), Certificate in Teaching Methods(K.T.T.C), Advanced Certificate in Curriculum Development (K.T.T.C)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Strategic management                                
- Leadership                                               
- Entrepreneurship                                      
- Human Resource Management                   
- Hospitality

Dr. Anita Wanjugu Wachira

PhD. in Business Administration (DeKUT), MBA - Financial Management, BA in Finance (Catholic University), BCOM, Accounting (Catholic University), Diploma in Health Care Management (KIM).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Entrepreneurship                                      
- Strategic management                                
- Finance                                                    
- Human Resource Management                   
- Leadership

Dr. Ann Wanjiku Sang

PhD. Human Resource & Leadership Development, MSc. Human Resource Education (Louisiana State University - USA), B.Ed Home Science and Technology (Moi University)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Emerging Issues in the workplace                  
- Training & Development                           
- Leadership Development                             
- Career Development                                   
- Education Technology

School of Sciences

Prof. Gerald K. Muthakia

Prof MuthakiaAssociate Professor Physical and Applied Chemistry
B.Ed (KU), .MSc. (Nairobi), PhD (Exeter, UK)

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Nanotechnology,              
- Design and fabrication smart devices  
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Dr. Moses A Ollengo

DrOllengoPhD. in Phyisical Chemistry (University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA), Postdoctoral fellowship working on Nanomaterials for smart energy devices, MSC in Chemistry (Egerton University, Kenya), B.ED in Science (Egerton University, Kenya)

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Nanotechnology,              
- Design and fabrication smart devices  
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Dr. Paul Tanui

Dr.tanuiPhD. in Chemistry (Binghamton University, SUNY),  BSc in Chemistry (University of Nairobi, Kenya), 

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry on total synthesis of biological molecules for potential application in clinical medicine.            
- Natural Products chemistry on extraction of bioactive compounds for potential medicinal use.  
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Dr. Esther Wanja Nthiga

Miss Esther NthigaPhD. in Phyisical Chemistry (Kenyatta University), MSc. Applied Analytical Chemistry (Kenyatta University), B.ED in Science (Maths and Chem) Kenyatta University

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Nanotechnology,              
- Design and fabrication smart devices  
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Dr. Rose C Tanui

PhD. in Biophysical Chemistry (Binghamton University, State University of New York,),  BSc. Biochemistry and Botany (The University of Nairobi, Kenya)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Chemistry of Membrane Transporters                
- Electrophysiology                         
- Neurochemistry                        

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Dr. Emmah Mumbi Marigi

PhD. in Applied Mathematics (JKUAT), MSc. in Applied Maths (Kenyatta University), B.E.d, Science (Kenyatta University)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Applied mathematics                
- Modeling in mathematics                         
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Dr. Alphonse Niyibizi

PhD. in Physics& Mathematics (KU Leuven - Belgium), MSc. Physics & Mathematics , BSc. in Physics & Mathematics, (Peoples'' Friendship University of Russia), Postdoctorate in Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation (KU Leuven - Belgium)     

Areas of Research Interests;  
- Acousto-Optics     - Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation   
- Analogue and Digital Communications Systems - Optical Fibre Communications and Sensors  
- Laser Technology and its Industrial Applications - Laser Technology Applications in Photovoltaic’s 
- Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy    - Renewable Energy Technologies  

Dr. Benson Ongarora

PhD. in Chemistry (Louisiana State University - USA), BSc. in Chemistry & Zoology (Moi University).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Organic synthesis                            
- Medicinal Chemistry   

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Dr. Douglas O. Onyancha 

PhD. in Chemistry (Metropolitan University - South Africa), MSc. in Chemitry (Metropolitan University - South Africa), BSc. In Chemistry (Egerton University) Post-Doctoral - (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Organometallics                              
- Water & Energy   

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Dr. Paul K.S. Magut

PhD. in Chemistry (Louisiana State University - USA), BEd, Science - Chemistry & Mathematics (Egerton University)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Analytical Chemistry                        
- Ionic Liquids Chemistry                   
- Nanotechnology                             
- Waste water treatment & Analysis      
- Environmental Chemistry 

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Dr. Simon Maina Mundia

PhD. in Statistics (JKUAT), Msc. in Statistics, (Kenyatta University), BeD. (Kenyatta University).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Regression Analysis                          
- Statistical Inference    

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Dr. Anthony Ngunyi

PhD. In Applied Statistics (JKUAT), MSc. in Applied Statistics (JKUAT), BSc. In Computer/Statistics (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Food Security                                       
- Finance & Spatial data analysis    

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Dr. Ogutu Keroboto

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics and Environmental Science (University of Nairobi and L’ Universite Pierre et Marie Curie ( UPMC), Paris 6 France), Master of Science in Industrial Mathematics, (University of Nairobi), Bachelor of Arts in Pure Mathematics and Economics (University of Nairobi)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Modeling climate change and anthropogenic effect                            
- Coupled climate‒ecology and climate‒economic modeling                 
- Dynamical and physical processes       
- Earth–human society interactions       

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Dr. Robert Amdany

PhD. in Chemistry (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg - S.A.) MSc. in Chemistry, (Egerton University), B.E.D - Science(Chemistry & Mathematics), (Egerton University).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Development and Application of passive samplers in environmental monitoring of organic & inorganic microplants.

Institute of Geomatics, GIS & Remote Sensing

Prof. Charles Ndegwa Mundia

prof charles mundiaPhD. in Geoinformatics (Tsukuba University - JAPAN), MSc in Integrative Environmental Sciences (Geoinformatics)(Tsukuba university - JAPAN), Bsc. in Land Surveying (UoN)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Geomatic land surveying                         
- GIS Spatial Analysis & GIS modeling               
- Environmental Assessment

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 Dr. Moses Murimi Ngigi

DrMosesMNgigiPhD. in Geoenvironmental Science (University of Tsukuba-Japan), MSc. in Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics (Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences - Germany), BSc. in Surveying (UoN)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Applied GIS for Society and the Environment                           
- Internet GIS                 
- Geomatics
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Prof. David Kuria

PhD. in Civil Engineering (Unviversity of Tokyo), MSc. in Photogrammetry And Geoinformatics (Stuttgart University - Tokyo), BSc. in Surveying (UoN)

Areas of Research Interests;
- Land information systems                        
- Climate modeling                  
- Remote sensing application in data assimilation

Dr. Godfrey Ouma Makokha

PhD. in Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment (University of Chinese Academy of Science - China), MSc. in Geospatial Information Systems & Remote Sensing (JKUAT), BSc. In Geomatic Engineering & Information Systems (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Remote Sensing             
- Climate Change            
- Hydrology      
- GIS     
- Environmental Management

Dr. Arthur Wafula Sichangi

PhD. in Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment (University of Chinese Academy of Science - China), MSc. in Geospatial Information Systems & Remote Sensing (JKUAT), BSc. In Geomatic Engineering & Information Systems (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Remote Sensing                      
- Water Resources                 
- Satellite Altimetry

Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management

 Prof. Fredrick Kamande Waweru

Prof F WaweruPhD. in Zoology, Biology Conservation (University of Nairobi), Master of Science in Zoology, Biology Conservation, (University of Nairobi), Bachelor of Science in Zoology, (University of Nairobi).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Development of wildlife conservancies
- Conservation of endangered species - Black Rhinos, Rothschild’s giraffe etc.
- Effectiveness of artificial barriers in Control of Human wildlife conflict
- Slum, Urban & Domestic Tourism

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Dr. Asborn Juma Misiko  

PhD. in Geography, Development and Urban Planning, (University Lumiere Lyon 2 - France), MSc. in Sustainable Tourism & Territorial Dynamics (University of Lumiere  Lyon 2 - France), Bachelor of Tourism  Management, (Moi University) ICT Enterpreneurship certificate, (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Sustainable Cultural Tourism                                    
- Policy & Planning                                                    
- Emerging issues in Tourism                                
- Community Development                   
- Tourism Management    

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Geothermal Energy Training & Research Institute

Prof. Nicholas Obuya Mariita

Dr. MariitaPhD. In Geophysics (University of Texas at El Paso - USA), MSc. in Applied Geophysic (Birmingham University - USA), Post-graduate Dip in Geothermal Reservoir (Kyushu University - Japan), Post- graduate Dip in Geothermal Reservoir (United Nations International University - Island), BSc. in Mathematics & Physics (UoN)

 Areas of Research Interests;
- Applied Geophysics                       
- Geothermal Energy

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Institute of Food Bioresources Technology

Dr. Eddy Elkana Owaga

PhD. in Nutrition & Health Sciences (Taipei Medical University - Taiwan), MSc. in Food Science & Technology (JKUAT), BSc. in Food Science and Post harvest Technology (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Functional foods with antiallergy antidiabetic, anticancer, cardioprotective and hepatoprotective effects       
- Mitochondrial dysfunction and relation to chronic diseases                                                                             
- Nutritional immunology                                          
- Public health nutrition                                                 
- Food safety and quality assurance       

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Dr. Richard Kipkorir Koskey

PhD. in Food Science and Technology(DeKUT), MSc. in Food Science (Egerton University), BSc.  in Dairy Science and Technology (Egerton University).

Areas of Research Interests;
-  Food Processing and preservation                     
- Coffee processing technology                                                    
- Coffee chemistry and quality                             
- Coffee Flavor profiling        

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Dr. Daniel Mwangi Njoroge

PhD. in Bioscience Engineering (KU Leuven - Belgium), MSc. in Food Technology (KU Leuven - Belgium), BSc. in Food Science & Technology (Egerton University).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Post harvest processing and preservation technology                                                              
- Effects of procesing on food quality                                                      
- Hard to cook defect in legumes                                 
- Utilization of pectic polysaccharides   

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Dr. Monica Wanjiku Mburu

PhD. in Food Science and Technology (DeKUT), MSc. Food Science and Technology (JKUAT), BSc. Food Science and Post harvest Technology (JKUAT).

Areas of Research Interests;
- Dairy Technology                                                    
- Nutraceuticals and functional foods                         
- Sensory analysis                                                       
- Food microbiology                                                   
- Food safety including support to food industry in food safety related areas.    

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