DeKUT in collaboration with TUAS, Wildau- Germany working on a mobile phone microscope to diagnose Malaria

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DeKUT offers a degree in nursing under the School of Health Sciences (Click to view details of the September 2017 intake here) . For two weeks now, Mr. Tobias Hagemann, a graduate from TUAS majoring in Bio Informatics has been at DeKUT working on a project with the nursing department team towards diagnosis of Plasmodia in human blood samples via a mobile phone microscope. The team, on 26th July 2017, met with the Chief Pathologist and staff at the Getrude’s Children’s Hospital to do a presentation on the project. The pathologist acknowledged that the application of this microscope in the rural health facilities by providing a ready to use diagnostic tool will be a key step in care diagnosis for malaria in order to increase accuracy in diagnosis. DeKUT and TUAS are growing their areas of collaboration by day to enhance research, innovation and quality education.

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