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International Conference on Science, Technology & Innovation

 STI conference 2014 participants

Participants of the International Conference on ST&I held on 4th-7th November, 2014

The University held the First International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) on 4th-7th November, 2014 at the University Main Campus. The theme of the conference was; “Science, Technology and Innovation for enhanced economic growth”.  The Conference was funded by the University with support from National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI), Numerical Machining Complex (NMC) and Family Bank.

The ST&I conference was designed to provide opportunity for University lecturers and researchers to share their research outputs with their colleagues as well as the public. It also provided an academic environment for presentations of work under progress for post graduate students. There were key note speeches by distinguished local and international scholars and the Principal Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries in the government of Kenya, Prof. J. Micheni Ntiba.

Thirty five (35) papers were presented. Out of these 2 papers were agriculture related papers;14 papers were on business studies; 2 papers were computer science and IT related; 7 papers Geospatial Science; one paper each in Food Technology, Security studies and Chemistry and 4 papers in Engineering.

Seminar on Proposal Writing
A proposal writing workshop was held at the DeKUT auditorium on Friday, 13th. March, 2015. The theme of the Seminar was; How to write a fundable research proposal. This seminar was facilitated by Prof. John Wesonga and Dr. Daniel Sila, both of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.


Seminar on Intellectual Property Management

The RTMCL division hosted a seminar on Intellectual property (IP) management for staff and students on 29th April, 2014 at the main campus. The seminar discussed the rationale of protecting IP; Types of IPRs; IP management institutions in Kenya, importance of Patent information in research and education and how to access it, IP Registration requirements and procedures, how to carry out the patenting and copy right processes, and current status of patenting in Kenyan Universities and colleges. The seminar was facilitated by two staff from Kenya Industrial Property Institute’s (KIPI) Trade Mark and patenting offices.

Horticulture Production Training
A horticulture production training seminar was held at DeKUT on 8th. May, 2015.  The training was attended by farm supervisors, farm manager and administrative staff of RTMCL. This training seminar was facilitated by Prof. John Wesonga, an associate professor of Horticulture from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The seminar covered topics on; farming as a business, aspects of horticultural production, experiences in the horticultural crop production industry and suggested opportunities and areas of improvement for the DeKUT farm.



Conference/ Workshop Date
Public Seminar on Strategic Planning for County Governments 28th - 29th June 2013
1st East African Mining Educators Symposium 19th July 2013

Kahawa Youth Initiative Forum (KYIF)

9th – 10th Jan, 2014
International Conference on  African Liberation Efforts 19th -21st Feb, 2014
Regional Centre f Expertise (RCE) Central Kenya Mentorship Workshop 3rd April, 2014
Workshop on Development of Muringato WRUA Sub- Catchment Management Plan (SCMP)

14th -30th May 2014


The 2nd Annual Tea Workshop 24th July, 2014

Public Lectures

Prof. Saito delivering his public lecture in the DeKUT auditorium

On 25th February 2015, a public lecture was given by Prof. Akihiko Saito on Japanese Culture, People and Students. Prof. Saito is a visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at DeKUT. This lecture touched on Japanese work ethics, their conservative culture and research funding opportunities in Japan. A number of other public lectures from prominent personalities in academia are planned.




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