DeKUT is planning a Startup Weekend, which is a 54 hours’ program where an environment is created for participants to learn how to create real companies. Throughout the weekend, starting from Friday 27th September 2019 to Sunday 29th September 2019, participants will meet and interact with mentors, coaches, investors, cofounders and sponsors ready to help them start out and start up. They will connect with people driven to start something new, discover where they are in the entrepreneur’s journey and discover the resources they need to forge ahead, learn and experience how it really feels to start a company and get started on the creation of a company. In the Startup Weekend, participants will meet, pitch, form teams, learn from mentors, coaches, founders of companies and investors throughout the weekend as they work on a startup.

As a University of Technology whose drive and focus has always been to build capacity through quality and holistic education and creation of an environment that engenders research, innovation and technology development towards producing relevant human resources and leaders to contribute to growth and development, DeKUT has been keen on being an Entrepreneurial University. This will ensure that the skills gained through our programmes are put to use in the industry to create solutions to problems, create jobs and build the economy. An event such as this is therefore at the core of DeKUT and we are partnering with different institutions and organizations to ensure that as many people as possible take part and are transformed, and cause ripple transformation, through this kind of experience progressively. The partnership is also meant to ensure continuous mentorship, creation of opportunities and building of long – term relationships and collaborations for enterprise development.

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