eliza 3 “We have a common interest on investment matters thus when we got an opportunity to register in the NSE Investment Challenge, we decided to seize it. We came up with a group name,’’ROYAL EMPIRE’’ and we stuck together working hand in hand throughout the challenge to a victorious end. Being ranked first, having gathered the highest portfolio and more so as a ladies team meant a lot to us as it was also a demonstration of women without limit. We thank the University for building our capacity through the lecturers who take their time to inform and empower us on such matters beyond the normal curriculum.”- Njambi & Njeri


 When one speaks to them, what they get is inspiration, if not challenge, because of the level of enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of matters investment and capital markets these two young ladies demonstrate. To explain what the challenge is all about, here is what they say: “the NSE Investment Challenge is a simulation of what exactly happens during real trading in the real market. This platform gives one an experience of the real market operations and functionalities thus exposing the participants to real life situations around the subject. In the platform, you start off with a portfolio of KShs. 3,000,000 as virtual money and with this you are expected to trade through purchase of either shares or bonds. To be the winner of this challenge, one must attain the highest portfolio; having participated in the discussion forum as well as having given adequate reasons as to why one is buying or selling a certain portfolio(either shares or bonds) that they hold.”

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After taking part in the challenge for a period of 3 months, Njambi and Njeri won against around 5, 500 participants with a portfolio of KShs. 3, 919,471. To emphasize on why this win was such an accomplishment to them, these two ladies had this to say: “Trading and competing in this challenge is not that easy, you have to be informed on several aspects of trading such as best shares to trade, market performance of the listed shares, follow business news as well as do extensive reading on what moves the market prices and values of shares.In addition, being ranked first, and more so as ladies meant a lot to usas it was also a demonstration of women without limit.”

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Njambi and Njeri say that the challenge really opened their minds up on matters investments and having gathered experience from the challenge, they plan on creating platforms to encourage other students from DeKUT and beyond to put into practice the various skills gathered from class on investment and other areas. Congratulations Njambi and Njeri and keep winning!



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