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Eng. John Kisenga  - Council Member(DeKUT)


Eng. John Kisenga's Profile

Eng. Kisenga, born on 24th November, 1959 attended Mangu high school. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Nairobi and an M.Sc. degree in Digital Communication System from Loughborough University in United Kingdom.


January - July 2002:  As a Head of Department responsible for Information Technology function, he started introduction of Financial Software package to replace the Cobal bespoke system and retaining of staff to carry out the new roles under the new paradigm.
May - November 1998: As acting Chief Electrical and Communications Engineering, he introduced VHF radio system West of Nairobi and reduced the cost of equipment and installation by using the Corporations Human resources from about Kshs. 60 Million an project to cover more stations.

May 1997 – January 2001:  As a Principal Telecommunication Engineer, he improved communication between Nairobi and Thika for commuter trains and dealt with repair of passenger coach lighting system. He also supervised the commuter service after the bomb blast.

1994 – 1977: As a Principal Computer Operation Officer, he set up and headed the team responsible for migration of data and programs for ICL ME29 to Unix platform. He drew equipments specification, procured, and set it up and wrote porting and conversion utility programs in C language; this saved the Corporation more than Kshs. 10 Million.

1983 – 1992:  As an Assistant Telecommunication Engineer, he commissioned telecommunications equipment between Nairobi and Mombasa, se tup the mainframe computer communications network and interface with the teleprinter switch, responsible calibration, operation and maintenance for the electronics and pneumatic system of the railway track tamping and recording machines.

He is a registered Professional Engineer by the Engineer Registration Board. And a Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya




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