The Farm

Dedan Kimathi University farm dates back to the early 1900s and was initially established as a plantations farm but has evolved over time to adopt the role of income generation in addition to providing high quality facilities, resources and opportunities for research in crops and animals. The farm has the ultimate objective of playing a central educational role by providing a suitable environment for effective training of students in biosciences, crop science, modern techniques in biotechnology, plant and animal genetics, general animal production and veterinary science. The farm is run commercially to be self-financing while at the same time fulfilling its role as a teaching and research resource.

The farm is a 648 acre mixed farm, with an emphasis on coffee, dairy and arable production. The dairy herd consists of 31 lactating cows, several pigs, poultry and indigenous goats. 302 acres are devoted to coffee production and the rest to arable crops including vegetables, cereals, fodder crops and grazing paddocks. 20 acres will be converted to organic production in three years’ time.



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