Staff profile

 John Gathirwa

Designation: Assistant Farm Manager

Mr. Gathirwa having worked in the farm for many years brings in vital experiences of general farm management and specifically on coffee management. Since the farm is run on a business model, Mr. Gathirwa has complemented his Diploma in Coffee Technology with a bachelor degree in Business Administration. This combination of training has really helped him to transform the farm gradually from a loss making entity to a farm with a bright sustainable future.


Kyle Holland

Designation: Business Development Manager

Mr. Kyle, a graduate of Victoria University (Canada) has vast experiences in irrigation especially sub-surface drip irrigation. Kyle is responsible for development of the farm business plans and installation and maintenance of the irrigation system. With a very cheerful and innovative personality, Mr. Kyle is involved in majority of the farm activities including supervision of casual employees. Despite his limitation in Swahili language, he interacts very well with the casual employees and is fondly referred to as the ‘white brother.’ He is a professional member with the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia, Canada


 James Kwinga

Designation: Animal Health Technician

As the farm animal technician, Mr. Kwinga is in charge of the livestock section which includes the Diary, Piggery and Poultry. He brings to the farm valuable expertise in animal health and husbandry from Kabete, an institute under the department of Nairobi University


Stanely Kagiri

Designation: Horticulture Supervisor
Mr. Stanly a specialist in horticultural production especially Brassicaceae family (Cabbages and Kales) is in charge of the horticultural production specifically a large section of acreage bordering the river.

Purity W. Thumbi

Designation: Horticulture Supervisor
Madam Purity, trained at Egerton University, department of Agricultural Education and Extension brings to the farm freshness, radiance and youthfulness, vital attributes important in propelling the farm forward. A hardworking, artistic and resourceful lady, Purity is in charge of the Horticulture section especially greenhouse farming. She has the ultimate challenge of supplying the university cafeteria with sustainable supply of fresh vegetables. Madam Purity has been in the farm for a short period but has tremendously transformed the vegetable production especially fresh tomatoes.


James Ndegwa

Designation: Farm Technologist

With a Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Technical Education & Agricultural engineering Technicians’ course, Mr. Ndegwa is the farm chief mechanical engineer and is in charge of maintaining the farm machinery and the irrigation system. Mr. Ndegwa being one of the longest serving employees in the farm is heavily relied on not only for his engineering skills but also general advice on the daily operations of the farm. He is more like the farm ‘father.’


 Robert Ngunjiri


Designation: Accountant
Mr. Ngunjiri, a young man with boundless energy is in charge of the farm accounts. As an accountant, he is responsible for the timely payment of the casual employees and management of the farm financial statements.

Martha Wairimu

Designation: Stores’ clerk
Madam Wairimu with a radiant smile has valuable training in Book Keeping and Information Technology Management and is in charge of keeping proper and modern records of the farm store. With the high volume of farm inputs flow, Ms. Wairimu is one of the most occupied members of the farm for she has to keep an updated daily record of all the inputs.

 Charles Wambugu

Designation: Livestock Supervisor
Mr. Charles is in charge of the livestock section and this is one member of the farm who really demonstrates through his love for animals what working in the farm means. He has won several trophies in various agricultural exhibitions

Dorothy M. Kinoti

Designation: Office Administrator
With fundamental training in Information Technology Management from The Technical University of Kenya, Madam Kinoti is in charge of office administration and also maintenance of the farm computers.

 Mary W. Mugure

Designation: Office Administrator
A humble, reflective and thoughtful lady, Mary is charge of the general office administration and especially the daily records of the farm employees.

Wilson Kinyanjui

Designation: Tractor Driver
A thorough man who expresses his actions and emotions through the wheel of powerful machines, Mr. Kinyanjui with class A,B,C,D,E & F certification, is one of the farm tractor operators. Mr. Kinyanjui has been entrusted with the most powerful tractor in the farm.

Peter Egeno

Designation: General Worker
Mr. Egeno is also another tractor driver and also actively assists in the factory section

Evan Gachuga

Designation: General Worker
Mr Gachuga with a quite friendly and humble personality is in charge of the coffee storage bins. With valuable experiences and skills in postharvest management of coffee, Mr. Evan is relied heavily by the farm for the maintenance and improvement of coffee parchment

Teresa Wangui

Designation: General Worker
Madam Teresa together with Evan is also charged with the responsibility of maintaining the quality of coffee after harvest.

John Kiragu

Designation: General Worker
Mr. John has training in chemical handling and also fire fighting. He supervises and organizes application of herbicides in the farm

Mathew Mugo

Designation: General Worker
Mr. Mugo is a general worker who most of the time assists in activities in the coffee factory



Charity Nyawira
Designation: General Worker
Madam Nyawira is also a general worker assisting in coffee pruning



Apua Pua
Designation: General Worker
A radiant, joyful, beautiful lady, Madam Apua Pua works as a general worker offering valuable skills in the olericulture section of the horticulture



Siyeti Liendyu
Designation: General Worker
Mr. Siyeti is the farm chief milkman and also tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the cows are well fed and tended to.



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