Library Information Resources

Information resources used to provide services include:

  •  Books and Journals
  •  Indexes and abstracts
  •  CD-ROMs
  •  Online journals
  •  Photographs, posters etc
  •  Thesis and dissertations
  •  Past examination Papers

Dedan Kimathi University as a young institution is working towards building its library collection, however the available collection are as follows;

General Circulation Collection
The General circulation collections are the information resources that are for general use by all library Patrons they can be borrowed for a longer period. They can also be called long loan resources. These comprise of mainly books.

Short Loan Resources
These are library books that are on high demand on the reading lists, due to there demand they can only be borrowed for a specific number of hours and used ONLY in the Library. The short loan services are issued from the Library counter.

Dedan Kimathi University Library also has electronic resources that supplement the hard copy book. The resources are at the reference sections and can only be given on demand. Most of the databases are offline resources though others are available online.



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