The following categories of persons are eligible to use the library.

  1. Registered DeKUT students
  2. DeKUT staff
  3. Council members.
  4. Researchers on the recommendation of their organization, at a fee.

NB: Persons who wish to use the library must be registered members.


  • Borrowing is restricted to registered members only
  • Library members are responsible for loss or damage of library materials in their possession (or borrowed under their accounts). They will be required to pay for loss or damage at a cost to be determined.
  • Library materials are not to be taken out of the Library unless they are properly issued
  • Marking defacing or mutilating of any library material(s) is prohibited
  • Most of the books in the library can be borrowed but Reference books, journals etc may only be taken out of the library with authority of the relevant head of section.
  • Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re-issuing
  • The University ID must be produced when borrowing and returning Library items.

Loaning Policy

Registered members can borrow materials as indicated:

Undergraduates: 4 items 2 Weeks

Postgraduates: 5 items 1 month

Staff: 5 items 1 month



All Registered members of the Library MUST clear with the University Library at the expiry of their Membership.




There is a copyright protection law on most of the Library materials. Deliberate infringement on this law e.g. unauthorized copying is a criminal offence. All users of electronic information resources must abide by the terms of the appropriate licenses. However, permissible copying limits as per Copyright Act may be made for academic purposes. All users of Library materials must observe these limits in library premises or elsewhere.




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