dekut to host kusa games 2017

It’s said that “work and no play makes Tom a dull boy”. Well, be sure not to find a dull ‘Tom’ at DeKUT as we have integrated ‘play’ as a very important aspect of holistic education. Though some students have made techie tools their toys in effort to understand and enhance technology towards national development and better living, they still create time for sports and outdoor activities. Through sports, the University is breeding not just intellectually equipped beings but healthy; not to mention building students talents, interpersonal and leadership skills and enhancing integration and cohesion. Engagement in sporting activities, as our students later confess, has contributed immensely to their holistic development:

DeKUT gave me an opportunity to be involved in various extra- curriculum activities within the university; sports, community service, environmental programs, outdoor excursions and Mt Kenya expeditions. Apart from graduating in a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology, I also graduated in several life skills such as planning, leadership, teamwork, creativity, organizational, conflict resolution and much more”, Nicholas Gitari.

Studying at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology has been a great experience for me as the Institution is not just about bettering life through technology (as the motto states) but giving a chance to experience life in a completely different and amazing way. From the diversity which helps shape ones understanding of other cultures to the learning environment so conducive and the availability of learning resources coupled with high academic standards, this has been the place to be in shaping a path to my dreams. Involvement in every activity and interaction has helped me gain skills, experiences, empowerment and exposure hence molding my personality”, Esther Wamuyu.

Through sports, I have toured the country, Africa and the world which has opened up my thinking through diverse interactions. Sports also instills in one a high level discipline which when applied in all aspects of life, one is bound to excel. Through sports I have also been equipped with teamwork spirit, leadership skills, a winning spirit; not to mention the health benefits that come with exercising”, says Charles Ogola, a proud rugby player who further states that “furthermore, rugby is not just a sport but a lifestyle.

Antony Gitei, our 4th year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, can write a whole book about what sports mean to him. Gitei through Transforming Young Stars of Africa (TYSA); a NGO which started as a Community Based Group in 2001 focusing on mobilizing young people in communities through sports for social transformation, has travelled wide and large campaigning for and using Sports for Social Transformation. Endeavoring to discover and nurture talents, TYSA has empowered over 30, 000 children and the youth. “Play has played a fundamental role in my life. It is through play that I have been able to interact with other people. Through play I have discovered myself as a leader and uncovered other potentials within me. Play has also taught me that as long as we can play together, together we can solve problems and make the world a better place”, says the young enthusiastic acting CEO TYSA.

At Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, sports is therefore not just about dressing up and showing up at the field for a friendly match or a competition. It’s much more!





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