Welcome to the Research, Technology Management and Community linkages (RTMCL) division of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. The division is the leading reference centre for research, innovation, community projects, linkages and partnerships. This division’s mission is to act as a hub in promotion of knowledge development, transfer and dissemination for the advancement of society. It is also the fulcrum of activities for University engagement with researchers, community, innovators, and industry for the provision of relevant training, community education and development.

The division is tasked with Resource mobilization, coordination of research activities by staff and students and their collaborators, Intellectual Property management, coordination of institutional collaborations and linkages, promotion of innovations, development and execution of technology transfer programmes and community outreach.

The division contributes to the internationalization of training programmes by promoting collaborative research with other institutions which exposes our staff and students to research issues on a global platform. In the process the University contributes towards the country’s objectives as outlined in Vision 2030.

The crucial departments of the division are University Innovations, Research and Intellectual property management, Business development and Resource mobilization, Technology transfer and commercialization, Collaborations and linkages, the Incubator and DeHUB, The University Farm and the University Conservancy.

A number of policies have been developed to help the division implement the desired activities. These policies will go through regular periodical reviews so as to make them relevant to the societal needs of the time. They are expected to stimulate creative minds in staff and students to innovate and foster economic development.





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