Rules And Regulations

  • All library users must produce their identification as required during the service period.
  • Order and silence must be maintained at all times in the library.
  • Loitering is discouraged while in the library.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and sleeping in the library is prohibited. Water bottles should be disposed at the baggage area.
  • Briefcases, bags, overcoats, hats, umbrellas are not allowed in the library and should be deposited at the luggage area at the users` own risk.
  • Loan procedures must be adhered to before any library and information materials are taken out of the library. An attempt to take improperly loaned materials will be treated as theft and appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken against the offenders.
  • All persons leaving the library must show all their documents to the security staff at the exit.
  • Use of mobile phones or any devices likely to cause disturbance in the library is prohibited.
  • Ink bottles, paint and other electronic gadgets which may accidentally damage library material and other facilities are not allowed in the library.
  • Any lost or mutilated information materials on loan will be replaced at the full cost of the material (current cost) plus 20 per cent administrative charges.
  • Fines of Ksh.5/- for the 1st day and Cash. 2 for each subsequent day will be charged on all overdue long loan materials.
  • Fines of Ksh. 2/- for the 1st hour and Ksh. 5 for each subsequent hour will be charged on all overdue short-loan materials.
  • The right to borrow may be withdrawn until all books have been returned and any outstanding fines have been paid.
  • All registered members of the library must clear with the university library at the expiry of their membership.
  • There is a copyright protection law on most of the library materials. Deliberate infringement on this law e.g. unauthorized copying, is a criminal offence.

NB: The library reserves the right to withdraw library use rights on the basis of violation of set guidelines


  • Laptops should only be used in designated areas
  • Users of Laptops must Maintain order and avoid distracting others users
  • The University library accepts no responsibility for loss of laptop, data or software therein.
  • Laptops can be used to access the library catalogue/resources while in the library but MUST not be directly connected to the University campus network, library computers or any other device without prior approval.
  • Access MUST only be for purposes declared and which are in line with the users’ academic research and/or learning programs of Kimathi University.
  • Users should not use Laptops to access email, play games, watching movies, play music e.t.c while in the Library
  • If any abuse/non compliance is discovered/detected, the connection privilege will be terminated and displinary action taken.
  • Proof of ownership of the laptop may be required.

All other Library rules and regulations apply.




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