Brian Gakere Nyingi - Chairperson

Brian Gakere Nyingi


Gakere is a 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor of Commerce. Before vying for the DeKUTSO chairman position, Gakere was a leader in various associations and would always air his views on what he thought should be done openly and confidently. Many students noticed his potential and encouraged him to go for the DeKUTSO chairperson position; a challenge he gladly accepted and he is hoping to fulfill what he promised his comrades. As the chairperson, Gakere is the overall administrator of the students’ council and represents DeKUTSO, together with the Secretary General, in the University Senate. Besides serving in this position, he is a member of Flame Mentors Club, DeKUT Chapter.



“DeKUT is a serene place for studies. I am really enjoying and gaining knowledge here. My mantra is that It Can Be Done and It Must Be Done.”- Gakere Nyingi

Gakere can be reached via mobile number 0798598556 or email address:

Janet Chepkirui – Vice Chairperson

Janet Chepkirui


Chepkirui is a B. Sc. Mechatronic Engineering student in her 4th year of study. She challenged herself to vie for the position of Vice Chairperson to be at the forefront in airing out students’ issues and contribute to the improvement of how students coordinate with the administration. Her role entails coordinating the academic, library and ICT affairs; ensuring that students needs, concerns and complains on theseareas are met and addressed in a convenient and timely way while keeping in mind the University’s protocol. Besides leadership in the students’ council, Chepkirui is a member of the robotics club and participates in the Climb to Educate challenge. She is also a peer counselor and an ADA (a club that focuses on the fight against Alcohol and Drug Abuse) member and has been in the roll ball team.


“Studying at DeKUT is a great experience full of a lot of exposure; from projects to research and facilities freely availed by the University. I am grateful and humbled to be part of this University”- Janet Chepkirui

Chepkirui can be reached via mobile number 0743237238 or email address:

Festus Kipng’etich Bett – Secretary General

Festus Kipngetich Bett


Kipng’etich is a 5thyear student pursuing B. Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering; by the time he was elected, he was in 4th year. He says that he always has an urge to serve humanity and that is what pushed him to vie for the Secretary General position when that opportunity presented itself.Kipng’etich is also currently serving as the youth treasurer to the PCEA Kimathi youth fellowship.Among other responsibilities, the secretary general is a spokesperson of the DeKUTSO members and represents them in the University Senate. The Secretary General also presides over the health, accommodation and catering committees. All the decisions and important information from students council is communicated to the students by the Secretary General.


“Leadership is a calling and it’s a responsibility that calls for someone to think of the people they lead. I consider myself lucky having been given an opportunity to pursue my career here atDeKUT. The academic system here enables us to complete our studies in time. Being in the Engineering field, the quality training and availability of modern engineering learning equipment gives me the confidence of quality skills as I finalize my studies this year” - Kipng’etich Bett

You can reach Kipng’etich via mobile number 0729456941 or email address:

Maureen K. Kagwiria – Gender & Disability Mainstreaming Secretary

Maureen Kagwiria


Kagwiriais a 4thyear student pursuing B. Sc.Food Science and Technology. She decided to vie for the position of Gender and Disability Mainstreaming Secretary because she wanted to have a platform to champion and spearhead the empowerment of both the girl and boy child. Besides this responsibility, Kagwiria is involved with a steam of students exploring the Model UN; an educational simulation and academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.Gender and Disability Mainstreaming deals with gender affairs, people living with disabilities and equity affairs and Kagwiria says it’s a great experience being part of the conversation and solutions along these lines. 


“In our journey with life let's be open-minded,be ready for change and embrace it when it comes. And more importantly let's be around the right people, have the right energy and vibe so as achieve our goals. Studying at DeKUT is fascinating for me and I am enjoying every part of the journey “- Maureen Kagwiria

Kagwiria can be reached via mobile number 0791354209 or email address:

Wathiri Sharon Wachinga – Treasurer

Wathiri Sharon Wachinga


Wathiri is a 4th year student pursuing B. Sc. Business Information Technology. To put her skill set into use in service, Wathiri vied for a position as a student leader to contribute to making the lives of her fellow comrades better. She says that her experience through the process was special and she got to meet great leaders and passionate comrades who know what they want and what is expected of their leaders. Besides serving in the Students Council, Wathiri is part of the tech community in DeKUT through the IBM Innovation Club. She is also actively involved in charity activities to visit and help out in children homes. As the treasurer, Wathiri is tasked with managing and overseeing financial affairs and she is the custodian of the books of account.


“We need to believe in ourselves and our capabilities as young people and have the confidence and drive to just do it for the betterment of DeKUT and our country. Studying at DeKUT is great andlife impacting. I have learnt so much. I'm gaining books/ academic knowledge as well as becoming street-smart” - Wathiri Sharon Wachinga

Wathiri can be reached via mobile number 0746706593 or email address:

Newton Mwenda – Sports, Entertainment & Security Secretary

Newton Mwenda


Mwendais a B. Sc. Nursing student in his 2nd year of study. He presented himself for the Sports, Entertainment and Security Secretary position because he wanted to challenge himself by serving his comrades in an official capacity; a capacity he says is tough and tasking but he is counting on his devotion and team work with his fellow council members and his comrades to achieve results. In the council, Mwenda is responsible for sports and entertainment matters as well as safety and security matters.Mwenda also serves as the Treasurer, Dedan KimathiAmeru Students Association.



“Dedan KimathiUniversity of Technology is a gem of scholarly excellence in today’s world. The serene environment with great opportunities and the timely admission and completion of studies serves us comrades well and serving my fellow comrades is a great opportunity” - Newton Mwenda

Mwenda can be reached via mobile number 0707776664 or email address:

Christopher Wekesa Nalondo – Campuses’ Secretary

Christopher Wekesa Nalondo


Wekesa is a 4th year student pursuing B. Sc. Criminology and Security Studies. His stepping forward to vie, for the 2nd time, was inspired by the situation that there was no good representation of comrades and by the fact that he takes himself to be a leader who believes in transformation and integrity.He says that his second take was better than the first where he had a bad experience due to political alignments during the campaign period; this was for sure a sign of growth and maturity. Besides serving in the students’ council, Wekesa is involved in counseling and mentorship programs. As the Campuses Secretary, Wekesa represents the Main Campus and Nairobi Campus in airingstudents’ grievances, promoting cohesion between students of the two campuses and is the liaison person between the two campuses.


“DeKUTis the best University; I get the knowledge that I wanted to have, especially on Forensic Science. I encourage every student to focus on what brought them to school,have good rapport with the lecturers, always seek for more knowledge through consultation and they will never go wrong. I also challenge fellow comrades to believe in themselves and take chances that will grow them and keep in mind that we are all winnersand can all make it in life” - Wekesa Nalondo

Wekesa can be reached via mobile number 0790248985 or email address:

To learn more about the students’ council responsibilities, electoral process and requirements and DeKUTSO membership, access the constitution here DeKUTSO Constitution


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