Print Collections

The University Library boosts of having approximately 30,000 volumes of print information materials. They comprise of relevant and current books, journals, special collections, theses and dissertations.


  1. Open Shelves
  2. These are books you can access from the open shelves in the library. You are allowed to read them within the library or borrow to use while you are away.

  3. Short loan books
  4. These are usually, books that are highly in demand but only a few copies are available. To make them used by as many people as possible, the library withdraws a copy or two from the open shelves and keeps them on a special shelve behind the library’s service desk. You can still view these items when searching the library’s catalog. You will however, need to request for it at the library’s service desk. This items can only be borrowed and used in and within the University library.

  5. Theses, dissertations and undergraduate projects
  6. Theses and dissertations are postgraduate.

  7. Africana Collections
  8. This are items that are authored or published by Africans, the items are stored at the Africana section of the University library. These items are to be used in or within the Library ONLY.