About the International Office

In this era of globalization, institutions of higher learning cannot afford to confine themselves only on what is happening within the borders but must also focus on the developments in the international arena with an aim of remaining globally competitive.  The University strives to integrate an international and intercultural dimension into her curriculum, research, and service functions as these intercultural exchanges spur creativity and innovation in institutions.  Internationalization activities have been aligned in the current DeKUT Strategic Plan 2023-2028. This plan takes cognizance of the fact that there are numerous changes impacting the University many of which are due to the growing student and staff population, an expanding research endeavour, changing learning and information methods, increasing expectation of students, their parents, the community at large, the globalization of industry and education, environmental awareness of the fragility of the planet and the financial realities in the country.  It is against this background that DeKUT clearly spells out key internationalization activities in the Strategic Plan that will enable her attain her internationalization goals.
The creation of an International Office was geared towards strengthening internationalizing activities in the University.


“To be the leading Center for DeKUT on all matters relating to internationalization of the University.”


“To provide a resourceful, welcoming and supportive atmosphere for international students and staff; as well as DeKUT students and staff embracing diversity, cultural sensitivity and harmonious integration; spurring excellence of the University internationally.”

Objectives of the Office

a) To provide appropriate support services to international students and staff while in residence at DeKUT in liaison with other relevant university sections.

b) To serve as a Resource Centre for international education at DeKUT with particular emphasis on information requirements by international students and staff as well and DeKUT students, staff and other stakeholders.

c) To co-ordinate visits to DeKUT by international scholars in liaison with other university sections.

d) To foster intercultural integration for international students and staff in the University within the community.

Services Provided by the Office

  • Logistical support and facilitation to international visitors for travel to and from the University and making accommodation arrangements
  • Immigration matters such as work permits, visa acquisition, student passes, etc
  • Organizing and coordinating orientation programmes for new international students, staff and visiting professors
  • Organizing visits to various National Parks and Game Reserves for international students at subsidized rates with an aim of enhancing their stay in DeKUT, promoting the Kenyan culture as well as marketing the country
  • Keeping the University informed of any changing laws and regulations concerning international students and staff
  • Develop a working relationship with other stakeholders likely to be helpful in furthering the University’s interests (embassies, other universities, funding agencies etc)
  • Providing a caring and welcoming atmosphere for international students and staff to help address their unique needs and concerns
  • Providing guidance, advice and support to DeKUT students and staff on internationally related matters
  • Facilitating exchange of DeKUT students as well as those from other countries
  • Providing guidance, advice and support to DeKUT students and staff on internationally related matters

Download the International Office Service Delivery Charter