DeKUT has a MoU with University of Siegen that aims in furthering their mutual interest in education, research and scholarship, and as a contribution to increased international cooperation between them. This MoU enables:  Exchange of undergraduate, graduate students and research scholars; Participation in seminars and academic meetings; Research cooperation; Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information; and joint quality assurance and benchmarking. The exchange programme is coordinated through the School of Engineering.


University of Siegen being a modern center for research prides itself in practical training, cutting edge research.  Our study program included lectures and project work in the field of wind energy. We also took some German classes at the commencement of our program to enable us to communicate effectively with members of the university.  Germany has amazing architecture and art. We were privileged to have experienced the German sporting spirit through the Bundesliga matches where spectators and fans throng the stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams. Our experience in Germany was one of the best in our life and we really enjoyed our time there.

Alfred Mwachugha and James Main
MSc. Students in Mechatronic Engineering department

James Alfred from Dekut and colleagues from University of Siegen ,                                       Alfred and James together with engineers from Siegen, Germany during a visit to
Germany during an invent in Wildanau Siegen.                                                                            Thomas Magnete Company.