DeKUT- Gifu University exchange Programme

DeKUT and Gifu University, Japan, have an international cooperation on graduate level training for DeKUT engineering staff.  The cooperation is coordinated through the Faculty of Engineering.  Through this arrangement, DeKUT students and staff can visit GIFU University on exchange to undertake research under supervision of participating GIFU University Professors.  At the same time, GIFU University students can also visit DeKUT on a short term cultural exchange. The purpose of this exchange programme is to further the studies of both DeKUT and Gifu University students and faculty though collaborating in educational and research activities.


Josphat Muigai
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

I am thankful to DeKUT for giving me this lifetime opportunity. I worked on micro fabrication of Nano wires using microtubule coated with gold nanoparticle which made me appreciate the dynamics of Nano dynamics. During my stay I appreciated the high hospitability offered by Japanese to foreigners. It was a great experience in Japan .

Gloria Odira
BSc. Civil Engineering
Gifu University, Japan.

It was indeed a memorable experience. I went through hands-on skill capacity building in truss bridge design, static and dynamic analysis of truss bridge and pre-stressed concrete technology. Each professor was assigned at least three labs. Here, I learnt that Japan Education System emphasizes on practical and problem solving approach. Students have direct and close interaction with their lecturers. It was very inspirational. I also learnt how designs cater for earthquake, tsunami and other strong winds like typhoons, as well as infernos. I learnt to be happy, positive, responsible, thankful, courteous and efficient (time conscious). The Japanese experience is like no other!