Testimonials from outgoing students

This is what DeKUT students who had an opportunity to go on exchange to other countries had to say about their experiences:

Celestine Kathure
Bsc. Mechanical Engineering.
TU Berlin, Germany

The internship benefited me professionally and socially as it subjected me to working with people from different countries and professional levels. The tough tasks improved my resilience and equipped me with technical and interpersonal skills. I have also acquired a fresh insight on technology and software systems.

Sophia Mithika
Bsc Mechatronic Engineeering.
Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The exchange programme was an impactful experience as it broadened my mind and demystified cultures that are different from my own.

Cornelius Kipkemoi
Bsc.Mechanical Engineering.
University of Hannover, Germany.

The technical skills I got have made me competent, Germany being the most developed and industrialized country in the world. I have gained more passion and motivation towards my aspiration for furthering my studies.

Lorraine Muga
Bsc. Mechanical Engineering.
Xylem Water Solutions, Sweden.

The internship gave me an international exposure and experience on how to conduct myself in a professional environment. This was also a chance to meet new friends and an opportunity to travel the world and make great memories.

Gloria Odira
BSc. Civil Engineering
Xylem Water Solutions, Sweden.

It was indeed a memorable experience. I went through hands-on skill capacity building in truss bridge design, static and dynamic analysis of truss bridge and pre-stressed concrete technology. Each professor was assigned at least three labs. Here, I learnt that Japan Education System emphasizes on practical and problem solving approach. Students have direct and close interaction with their lecturers. It was very inspirational. I also learnt how designs cater for earthquake, tsunami and other strong winds like typhoons, as well as infernos. I learnt to be happy, positive, responsible, thankful, courteous and efficient (time conscious). The Japanese experience is like no other!

Mwangi Sam Kamau
BSc. Information Technology
Graz, Austria.

IAESTE is the best experience one can get in their entire life in campus. They give an Internship opportunity beyond the borders. I traveled to Austria for my Internship for three months during the summer period; end of July to October. I worked for a Construction company in Graz, Austria where I majored in software engineering. During this period, I worked as a Junior Software Developer in programming software for logistics purposes in C# language. I gained a better experience in writing clean code and learning other Libraries in Visual Studio. Anyway, let me spare you the geek terminologies. Well, other than getting more knowledge, there is a whole better life in gaining friends and traveling to different places that one has always dreamt of. The best thing you get a stipend to help you manage to live there. If you are still in campus or waiting to join campus this is the club to join.

Testimonials from incoming students

This is what students who were hosted on exchange in DeKUT had to say about their experience in our University:

Ole Eberson
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

When I was first introduced to my work at DeKUT, I was somewhat surprised, because I expected to get a task that benefits the University in some way. Instead I was instructed to do lab work like other students do. After the initial surprise I realized that for me personally this approach to internship was better than my first thought. I already learnt the theory about most topics the lab dealt with in my German University. In German Universities we do very little practical work, my impression at DeKUT was that great value is set on gaining practical experience with the subjects taught. This style of teaching benefited me since I now have a better overview of how different university teaching is internationally and of course because I personally gained a lot of practical experience we do not get in Germany. I was surprised at how well equipped the labs are. The good equipment adds up with the importance given to practical work. I really enjoyed my stay at DeKUT; I learnt a lot about engineering as well as cultural and academic differences compared to Germany. I am very grateful I got the opportunity to complete this internship and stay at DeKUT for 8 weeks.

Calum Watkins
Mechatronics Engineering
University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom.

My time in Kenya was wonderful. I discovered my love for the music, food and most importantly people. It has been great to play hockey for the university and teach some Scottish dance. I also enjoyed travelling and working at the Mechatronics Department at DeKUT.

Maria Graule
Food Science and Bioresources Technology

I learnt a lot about coffee, but the benefits for me was the cultural exchange and all the friends I now have in Kenya.

Lena Pohl
Food Science and Bioresources Technology

The internship gave me an opportunity to get a good overview of the agricultural methods used in Kenya and learnt about coffee production.