The Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce (AIESEC) is a global, nonpolitical, independent, not-for-profit organization that is run by students of higher learning, whose members are interested in world issues, management and leadership.

  • Established in 1948- After World War II to contribute to Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s potential
  • Unique and continuously growing global network helping high potential graduates discover and develop their potential

Facts and figures about AIESEC

  • 127 countries
  • 27,500 leadership and internship positions annually
  • 500 leadership conferences
  • Over 100,000 student members
  • 2,400 universities
  • Over 8,000 partner organizations


  1. Campus involvement: AIESEC provides a platform for young people in different universities and colleges, by going on an international internship and/or by joining various local chapters
  2. Conferences : AIESEC hosts over 500 conferences every year that range in length and demographic scope
  3. The Global Community Development Program (GCDP) is the internship hosted by an AIESEC entity under a project or a non-AIESEC organization e.g. NGO, organizations or schools in another country or territory. A GCDP internship is between 6 weeks and 12 weeks. The GCDP offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, develop their enterpreneural skills, experience leadership and partake in a global learning environment, thus create the international platform for every young member of the world to develop their potential.

Who can apply?

Students and recent graduates (not over 2 years of graduation), who desire a cross-cultural experience, create positive impact and seek for personal development, are ready to go exchange within 6 weeks with financially affordability and willing to take other AIESEC programs.

Selection and Application

  • After joining and understanding AIESEC, you can enter a review process to assess your experiences and motivation for going on an AIESEC exchange.
  • This is a physical process consisting of selection interview, language tests and other steps depending on the country that you are applying from.
  • The selection process aims to ensure that everyone participating in an AIESEC exchange is suitable and will have a positive experience while on exchange.


This step happens before leaving for your exchange experience and actually starts before you have matched yourself to a suitable internship. It consists of areas such as:

  • Logistical preparation –  Ensuring that you are physically and legally prepared to work in another country.
  • Community Involvement – To help you gain an understanding of issues facing the world and your own community.
  • Direct Country preparation – Preparation on the country you will be going to and also how to cope with the pressures of living in a foreign culture.


  • Providing you with knowledge about the exchange program and the roles of various entities.
  • The preparation step is critically important to ensure that you are ready to make the most out of your experience in a personal and professional sense.
  • AIESEC also sees it as an important part in ensuring that the people participating in the exchange program understand their responsibilities and the role that they play in fulfilling AIESEC’s vision.


  • By this stage you have been through the selection process and have become an official AIESEC exchange participant (EP). Now you are able to start being matched to a suitable internship.
  • You will be trained and given access to use the AIESEC on-line database of internship opportunities. The more flexible you are in terms of geographical preferences the better.


  • The most fulfilling step from here is experiencing the actual internship itself. AIESEC will provide you with much more information on what to expect during your internship experience and what kind of involvement you can have with AIESEC and the local environment while you are on your exchange experience in a new country. AIESEC members in your host chapter provide support in receiving you, getting logistically setup while providing opportunities for cultural and social activities.


  • AIESEC supports you in making the readjustment process when you return home. We hope that your experience opens up a world of opportunities to create a better society for us all. Also, if you’re interested to continue your AIESEC career, you can try the leadership opportunities available for you in your country.

Why you should Join AIESEC

  • You will have an experience more valuable than your degree
  • You will develop your leadership skills
  • You will discover the world
  • You will become a world citizen
  • You will build a wide international network

Why you should Join AIESEC

  • You will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • You will discover your passions
  • You will learn new skills, new languages, new things
  • You will develop a strong personal brand
  •  It’s all about memories

Leadership positions

(a) President

(b) Vice President of Finance and Legal Administration

(c) Vice President of Talent Management

(d) Vice President of Incoming Exchange

(e) Vice President of Outgoing Exchange

(f) Vice President of Communication and Marketing

(g) Vice President of Business Development

(h)Vice President of Expansions