DeKUT has developed a speed governor that does not only help achieve the control of speed but advances safety and security on the road to another level by ensuring that the speed of a vehicle, on the road can be monitored in real time and that the vehicle can only move at the designated speed. The Speed Governor has additional features of providing information on the location of the car. This is made possible by GPS and GPRS modules embedded in the governor. Interesting to note is that if the speed governor is disconnected, the vehicle goes to a limp mode where it will not be possible to drive it in excess of 40km/hour. Additionally, if it’s tampered with, the relevant authorities’ gets a notification signal indicating the nature of tampering and incase of theft, the vehicle can be tracked. The beauty of this speed governor is that the vehicles’ speed and location data is transmitted at an interval of five seconds to an off-board storage (server) and is also recorded on an on-board recorder. The on-board data can be printed at an inspection point by use of a thermal printer while the off-board data can be downloaded from the server. The speed governor has been named ‘BlakkBoxx’. It has been tested and passed by the Kenya bureau of standards (KEBs), the chief mechanical engineer transport and the NTSA.


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Since inception as Kimathi Institute of Technology (KIT) in the 1970’s, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology has always focused on improvement of the society and making life better through quality education and technology. The University is founded on the belief that self-actualizationand solutions to global challenges are attainable through a spirit of dedication, self–confidence, determination, and best utilization of resources. The institution also believes in being globally competitive through the employment of global competencies. The University ensures an internationally excellent environment for education while focusing onproviding academically stimulating, culturally diverse and quality learning environment that fosters research, innovation and technology development towards producing relevant technical and managerial human resource and leaders to contribute to attainment of national development goals. The ultimate goal is to be the Premier Technological University in Africa and beyond Excelling in Quality Education, Research and Technology Transfer for Development. To this end, the University has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate her commitment to this.

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It is such focus and commitment to research, innovation, technology transfer and contribution to change in the society that has seen Dedan Kimathi University of Technology power the 1st of a kind speed governor. A speed governor that does not only help achieve the control of speed but advances safety and security on the road to another level by ensuring that the behavior of vehicles, and for that matter drivers, on the road can be monitored and that vehicles can only move at the designated speed. This speed governor has been developed in partnership with Safariwatch, a company whose mission is to be the most preferred transport partner in Africa, providing innovative telematics’ for a safe and secure road experience in the 21st Century. This company acknowledges the competence of the University for making this product as it was a proposal shared with some of the companies and Universities in the country and could not go through due to lack of capacity. The University has made it possible hence going by: “BlakkBoxx Speed Governor; Powered by Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT).”

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BlakkBoxx is a speed governor developed with new technology through research by a team comprising of our students from Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering courses under the guidance of our senior technologists in engineering; Mr. Julius Karanja, Mr. David Njeru and our Systems Developer Mr. Kenneth Chesoli.


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