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The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) is an independent body within DeKUT charged with the responsibility of monitoring and evaluation of processes to ensure quality across the University is maintained.

Core Mandate;

DQA is responsible for quality control in all university processes geared towards the attainment of University mission and vision. The overall objective of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to promote high academic standards through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality academic, research, consultancy and outreach programmes, in line with the University Charter, Statutes, Strategic Plan, DeKUT’s Vision 2040 and CUE & ISO standards.

Strategic Goal;

The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) has the vital role of safeguarding and guaranteeing the standards and quality of the University’s educational provisions. Important to the attainment of this responsibility is the development of an effective internal quality assurance system. The quality assurance system is achieved upon cooperation between the University’s academic and administrative units. Much of the quality assurance work is performed by the departmental academic boards, School/Institutes academic boards, Graduate School board, Dean’s Committee and the Senate while the administrative units provide assistance and support such as management information system (ERP system), budgeting, and ensuring infrastructure and facilities meet required standards of quality.

Specific Objectives;

The DQA is intended to promote quality throughout the University and to ensure that principles of quality assurance are embedded and sustained within and across all units of the University.The specific objectives are as follows:-

  1. Develop a robust quality management system that makes it possible to monitor, evaluate, and enhance quality covering the full academic cycle from enrolment to graduation.
  2. Facilitate the University to attain required local and international accreditation.
  3. Identify, adapt, or develop benchmarks of international best practice for use in research, scholarship, teaching, assessment, and learning.
  4. Guarantee integrity and consistency of all awards issued in the name of the university.
  5. Devise methods and develop instruments for obtaining feedback internally and externally on the quality of teaching and learning provision.
  6. Monitor and advise on the performance of the quality management system and produce data and reports on performance, measuring it against set performance indicators.
  7. Coordinates the development and review of quality assurance policies, procedures and operational manuals, as well as instruments for use in internal evaluations.
  8. Monitor and review academic programmes and research to ensure maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality.
  9. Develop and maintain a tracking system of cyclic course reviews and provide periodic reports on a regular basis.
  10. Monitor and promote enhancement on the quality of teaching, learning and research experiences through course, teacher and research evaluations, learning environmentand supporting equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.
  11. Oversee the implementation of recommendations from internal and external evaluation of academic programmes.
  12. Coordinate customer satisfaction and stakeholder surveys on the quality of the University’s academic programmes, products and services.
  13. Coordinate Commission for University (CUE) visits and manage feedback and follow up on implementation of reports generated from the regulator.
  14. Identify and manage risks to the standard and integrity of the University’s academic programs, and the quality of student learning environment and climate.
  15. To develop and sustain a culture of continuous improvement on quality service delivery among members of the University community.


Our work includes quality enhancement activities, whereby the University engages in a process of self-evaluation and peer review, with a view to lead to consciousness about strengths and areas for development and improvement. The directorate commits to apply best practices of quality assurance to enable the quality of service delivery at DeKUT attain the highest international standards. DQA is committed to a systematic, planned approach to quality assurance that ensures that periodic review findings are used as a mechanism to effect improvement. Currently the University has embarked on ISO 9001:2015 re-certification processes.

Staff members at the Directorate of Quality Assurance;

  1. Dr. Juma Misiko, PhD
    Director DQA
  2. Ms. Monicah Kibui
    Assistant Registrar, DQA
  3. Mr. Issac Mugendi
    Administrative Assistant, DQA

Department Contacts


Office Line: 0703 753 267


Along Nyeri - Mweiga road  
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Private Bag - 10143, Dedan Kimathi
Public Relations Office: 0727088807
Marketing Mobile: 0713123021
Registrar AA Office: 0713835965
Data Protection Office: 0715086810


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