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To be the lead department in providing excellent communication channels for smooth flow of information within and outside the university.


To be the hub of information flow with a view to placing the university in the cutting edge of providing quality Education and Technology transfer.


  • To ensure smooth flow of information in out of the University.
  • To portray a good image of the university among local and international publics.
  • To give the right information regarding the university to all publics.
  • To ensure robust organization of all university functions.


  • Publication of University newsletters and bulletins;
  • Keeping abreast with the various external and internal issues touching on the university and preparing prompt briefs for the relevant officers;
  • Informing relevant officers on any issue considered vital for upkeep of the university’s image;
  • Attending to functions within and without the university and giving briefs to the relevant officers about the functions attended;
  • Providing guidance and initiating any advertising and branding activities;
  • Organizing for university advertisements with the various media houses;
  • Co-ordinating media coverage of university’s functions, seminars and conference proceedings;
  • Management of the university website in collaboration with ICT;
  • Management of the university’s social media platforms;
  • Advising on the university’s public relations and communication policy.

The reputation of the University - what we do and say, and ultimately what people think about us - plays an integral part in our success.

Staff Members

  1. Ms. Faith Mutheu

    Head of Public Relations

  1. Ms. Maureen Kuhora

    Public Relations Assistant

  1. Mr. Tonnie Maundu

Department Contact


Office Line: 0727 088 807

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Along Nyeri - Mweiga road  
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Private Bag - 10143, Dedan Kimathi
Public Relations Office: 0727088807
Marketing Mobile: 0713123021
Registrar AA Office: 0713835965
Data Protection Office: 0715086810


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