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Spectroscopic analysis of chia seeds 
Mburu, Monica; Olivier Paquet‑Durand; Bernd Hitzmann; Viktoria Zettel (2021-04)

Determination of thermo-mechanical properties of recycledpolyurethane from glycolysis polyol 
Mwema, Fredrick Madaraka; James K. Njuguna; Muchiri, Peter; Karuri, Nancy Wangechi; Michael, Hezborg; Kiril, Dimitrov (2021-03-19)

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Morphology of Silver-Coated Three-Dimensional Printed Flexible Polylactic Acid Thin Plates 
Mwema, Fredrick Madaraka; D. Sobola; A. Baruwa; E. Akinlabi (2021-03-15)

Analysis of β-amylase gene (Amyβ) variation reveals allele association with low enzyme activity and increased firmness in cooked sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) from East Africa 
Magiri, Esther; Linly Banda; Martina Kyallo; Jean-Baka Domelevo Entfellner; Mukani Moyo; Jolien Swanckaert; Robert O.M. Mwanga; Arnold Onyango; Dorcus C. Gemenet; Nasser Yao; Roger Pelle; Tawanda Muzhingi(2021-02)

Progress in Optimization of Physical Vapor Deposition of Thin Films 
Mwema, Fredrick Madaraka; Esther T. Akinlabi; Oluseyi Philip Oladijo (2021-02)

Driving Performance through Occupational Risk Avoidance Practices among Kenyan Commercial Banks 
Kuya, Johnstone; Ngure, Susan Wanuri; Ngunyi, Anthony (2021-02)

Effect of Surface Modification on the Properties of Polypropylene Matrix Reinforced with Coir Fibre and Yam Peel Particulate 
Mwema, Fredrick Madaraka; Adeolu A. Adediran; Oluwatosin A. Balogun; Abayomi A. Akinwande; Olanrewaju S. Adesina; Adeniyi Olayanju (2021-02)


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Why DeKUT?

What our students say

"DeKUT is one of the most progressive University in Africa with keen focus on quality education, holistic development of students and production of relevant human resources and leaders to contribute to growth and development." 

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DeKUT Events

15 - 20 February


Dedan Kimathi Week










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Student Campus Life

Student Life at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

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Internationalization pic1


DeKUT has an International Office charged with matters Internationalization.

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What our students and alumni say...

“Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) is a global institution now. For anyone out there who needs a cool and tranquil environment to pursue a career, then DeKUT is the place to be” – Kipronoh, Graduating Class of 2015.

Kipronoh Bernard     Purchasing and Supplies Management

“Except the obvious financial reasons, the desire to solve peoples’ problems is what keeps me going. The analytical skills gained through my course at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) and an understanding of business risks has gone a long way in helping me sail through the entrepreneurship journey. “

Robert Kamaru     Actuarial Science

“I can’t predict the future or what the world will be like in a few years but I know that whatever paths we (DeKUT Alumni) take we will endure and conquer because that is what Dedan Kimathi University of Technology molded us to be; conquerors.”

Brian Munene     Food Science Technology

“I was uncertain about studying at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) but five years through the course, I do not regret the decision to join or any single moment I spent there. I had a great time and experience.”

Melvis Wanjiru     Mechatronics Engineering

“I am a proud graduate of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT). This is because DeKUT shaped me to a confident, intelligent and competitive woman in the industry as a Woman in Technology. Long live DeKUT!”

Everlyne Kaberere     Information Technology

 “Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) broadened my scope of thought, opened my mind to endless possibilities and enhanced my zeal for changing the      society by offering solutions to real world problems through the application and cascading of technical and soft skills.”

  Antony Gitei     Electrical and Electronic Engineering


 “At DedanKimathi University of Technology (DeKUT), I received skill – based training and exposure that prepared me and equipped me to be what I am today – a     shoe designer. Before embarking on this journey, I had no idea what the future had in store for me. Now it’s clear that it’s full of opportunities and is promising.”

  Eric Waithaka     Leather Technology

“Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) offered me an opportunity to practice leadership on multiple fronts and this prepared me for the life after campus and enhanced my intellectual capacity. Special thanks to DeKUT for equipping me to face the world.”

Mercy Sigei    Industrial Chemistry

 “Studying at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) was a great experience for me as the Institution gives one a chance to experience life in a completely different and amazing way.  I just don’t have a degree from DeKUT as every activity and interaction helped me gain skills, experiences, empowerment and exposure hence molding my personality. I thank the University for enriching my life.”

 Esther Wamuyu    Purchasing and Supplies Management

 “I am proud to have been a DedanKimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) student as I was molded to solve societal problems; a solutions provider in different life scenarios and dilemmas. DeKUT constantly gave me an opportunity to develop academically, socially and in leadership through every interaction I had during my campus life.”

 Edwin Nyakwama    Business Administration







of our graduates get jobs and/ or start enterprises within their 1st year upon graduating.

DeKUT is the University of Choice among the many Universities in Kenya according to KUCCPS report 2020.

Mahinda pp
Ms. Wangari Mahinda
“Studying at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) turned out to be the best decision I made in terms of choosing a Higher Institution of Learning. The University provided a serene learning environment and the resources needed in preparation for the corporate world. The University also opened up my mind and gave me the power to acquire even more knowledge.” 


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