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Is DeKUT a private or public university?

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) is a public, coeducational technological University in Kenya. It was the first university in Kenya to be chartered under the new universities’ act of 2012 and the eighth public university to be established in the country.


How many campuses do you have apart from main campus?

Nairobi Campus located at Pension Towers, Loita Street (2nd, 9th and 13th Floors) Main offices are in 9th Floor.


Where is the main campus located?

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Main Campus is located 6 km from Nyeri town along Nyeri- Nyahururu highway, 160 kilometers North of Nairobi City while theNairobi Campusis located on the 2nd, 9th and 13th floor of Pension Towers, Loita street. 


How can I apply?

All applicants must complete an application form online through our website ( or download the form and submit to the Registrar (Academic Affairs) Private Bag, Dedan Kimathi, Nyeri, Kenya, Tel: 061- 2050000.


How should I submit my application material?

Submit to the Registrar (Academic Affairs) Private Bag 10143/Dedan Kimathi, Nyeri or upload when applying online.


How do I check my application status?

You will receive an email or SMS from the admissions office on your application status.


Can I apply for more than one programme?

This will depend with the type of the course you wish to study. You may apply for up to two programmes, which will be considered sequentially in the order of your application form.


Is there accommodation available within the campus?

Limited accommodations are available within the campus at affordable rates. However, there are many accredited private hostels around the University.


Who do I contact for queries or further information?

P.O Box – Private Bag, 10143, Nyeri

Customer care desk Tel: 061-205000


Registrar academics affairs & Research - 0713 835965,

Admissions office – 0705688135,

Marketing Department – 0713- 123021,

Nairobi Centre – 0710-127516,


  Dedan Kimathi University of Technology



Can one change course in DeKUT?

If you feel the course, you're studying isn't quite right for you, it is possible to transfer onto a different course. The first step is to engage with your department’s office or course tutor. The opportunity to change is open in the first three weeks of the first semester of a first year. Otherwise any other change may require changing of status from government sponsored to self-sponsored.


What do I need to do to find out whatcareer suits meif I am unsure about my career path/choice?

Before making a career choice, you must learn about yourself,yourvalues, interests, soft skills and aptitudes since your personality type may make some occupations a good fit for you and others completely inappropriate.

Use self-assessment tools, and career tests to gather information about your traits and subsequently generate a list of occupations that are a good fit based on them. It is also wise to seek assistance from your parents, siblings, seniors,career masters or relevant authorities.


How many years does one take in the university to pursue his career as an accountant?

A student will pursue a degree in Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce, or Bachelor of Business Administration where one may choose to major in accounting during the third year of study; usually the degree course takes four academic years or eight semesters.


How can one get an internship or an attachment on a particular career choice?

One needs to apply for internship/attachment opportunities offered by various ministries, departments, agencies or private companies.Your chairman of the department CoD will issue you with an introductory letter to facilitate you to secure the attachment.


Can I defer my studies?

Yes. Deferment of studies can always be granted after you have been admitted to the programme you applied and qualified for.


How Do I defer my studies?

Write a letter to the Registrar Academic Affairs & Research, through the Dean/Director of the School/faculty/Institute requesting for deferment.


How Do I get re-admitted back after deferment?

Write a letter to the Registrar Academic Affairs & Research, through the Dean/Director of the School/faculty/Institute requesting for Re-admission.


Is it possible for secondary school students to visit the Institution?

Yes, it is. You write a formal request regarding your visit to the Registrar Academic Affairs & Research for arrangement and planning of the intended visit.


What Faculties/Schools/ Institutes are there in DeKUT?

  • School of Engineering
  • School of Science
  • School of Business Management and Economics
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Computer Science & Information Technology
  • School of Graduate studies and Research
  • Institute of Food Bioresources Technology (IFBT)
  • Institute of Tourism Hospitality management ITHoM)
  • Institute of Geomatics, GIS and Remote Sensing (IGGReS)
  • Institute of technical and professional Studies (ITPS)
  • Geothermal training and research institutes (GETRI)
  • Institute of General Studies (IGS)


What are the basic requirements of engineering courses?

One must have at least a minimum aggregate of C+ and C+ in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English.


Does the University admit International Students?

Yes. The University does admit qualified International students who have applied and have their certificates equated with the Kenyan education system, that is, Commission for University Education (CUE)Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA).


Along Nyeri - Mweiga road  
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Private Bag - 10143, Dedan Kimathi
Public Relations Office: 0727088807
Marketing Mobile: 0713123021
Registrar AA Office: 0713835965
Data Protection Office: 0715086810


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