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The ICT Directorate at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) is responsible for providing information and communication technology (ICT) services to the university community. The ICT Directorate plays a vital role in supporting the university's mission and vision by providing a reliable and secure ICT infrastructure, developing and implementing ICT solutions, and providing ICT training and support to the university community.



The Directorate plays a crucial role in supporting the academic and administrative functions of the university:

  • It is responsible for the management, development, and maintenance of information and communication technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation across the institution.
  • It ensures the availability and reliability of network infrastructure, computer systems, software applications, and digital resources necessary for teaching, research, and administrative operations.
  • It also plays a vital role in promoting digital literacy, providing technical support to students and staff.
  • It safeguards the university's information security and data privacy.


Information and Communication Technologies

The ICT Directorate has consistently invested in modern technologies to keep the institution ahead of the curve in leveraging ICT tools to fulfil its mandate. Recognising the transformative power of technology in education and research, the department has prioritised the adoption of cutting-edge solutions and the implementation of innovative initiatives. This includes:

  • Upgrading the network infrastructure
  • Providing high-speed internet access across campus
  • Implementing robust learning management systems
  • Deploying virtual learning environments
  • Facilitating the integration of digital libraries and e-resources.



The ICT section boasts a skilled staff compliment of nine individuals who are dedicated to supporting the ICT function. The team comprises an ICT Director, system administrators, web administrators, and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) developer. Each member of the team possesses the right skills and qualifications to effectively manage and maintain the university's ICT infrastructure.

  • The ICT Director provides strategic leadership, ensuring the alignment of technology initiatives with the institution's goals.
  • The system administrators oversee the smooth operation and security of computer systems, networks, and servers.
  • The web administrators are responsible for managing the university's web presence, ensuring its accessibility, usability, and relevance.

The ERP developer focuses on developing and maintaining the university's ERP system, streamlining administrative processes and facilitating efficient resource management.


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