DeKUT and Busitema University collaborate on staff and student exchange in Geothermal Technology and joint research

Exchange of the staff is to supplement existing components in the two institutions in order to make maximum use of existing skills, expertise and experiences in the two institutions through ‘brain circulation and sharing.’

Under the student exchange, the two institutions may second students to each other’s respective institutions for purposes of study or supervision in particular subjects, courses or projects where the relevant expertise is not available in their own institution. The number of students and the period of study or supervision and sponsorship shall be mutually agreed upon by the two parties. Further the two parties shall identify courses that can be offered mutually to students through educational outreach programs.

The two institutions engage in joint research in selected areas of interest to both parties. They share information and knowledge on curriculum development and implementation with an aim of developing new courses and academic programmes in the institutions. Afterwards they publish and document the results of their joint research with an aim to promote community outreach.

Busitema University Uganda

Collaborations and Partnerships

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