DeKUT signed and MoU with National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) toward several objectives including staff/student exchange programmes. Dr. Eddy Owaga was appointed as the MoU champion to spearhead collaboration activities. One staff – lab technologist has benefitted from the MoU arrangement by visiting NTHU and conducting research using advanced analytical equipments as part of his MSc thesis.

Taiwan-Africa International Service Association (TAISA) is a NGO that based in Taiwan, aiming to enhance the quality of education and provide better healthcare for African communities. Through DeHUB, DeKUT has also collaborated with NTHU (through TAISA) on community service ICT education program within Nyeri County. Founded in 2009, TAISA has been sending student volunteer groups from NTHU to African countries annually for a decade. The footprints of TAISA volunteers have reached Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Sierra Leone, collaborating with schools, universities and churches. TAISA Kenya volunteer group specialized in ICT education. Their mission is to set up sustainable computer labs for schools in needs, and provide better education through ICT. We believed that it is everyone’s right to gain access to modern technology and the information network.

Each year, student volunteers from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan(NTHU) ship computers to Kenya and set up computer labs for schools in Kenya. TAISA’s first visit to Nyeri County was in 2014, a survey group was sent to visit local schools, searching for partnerships. By the end of 2017, TAISA group, built four computer labs for St.Anne’ Primary school, Ihithe secondary school, Karangia secondary school and Dr. Kamundia secondary school respectfully. In 2017, TAISA program in Nyeri County involved new partner from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology: DeHUB student club. A joint program between TAISA and DeHUB was launched, aiming to construct local area network (LAN) for Karangia secondary, the school that received a computer lab from TAISA in 2015. The joint program is a huge step forward, the involvement of local volunteers is the important factor to measure the impact of TAISA program in Nyeri County. Apart from computer lab set up program, the new joint program shall be the focus point of 2018 TAISA group.

The two institutions have collaborated for computer labs inspection and maintenance program. TAISA seeks assistance from DeKUT to monitor computer labs and provide technical support to schools which TAISA team has conducted the education program.

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