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The Centre for excellence in Competence Based Education and Training (CCBET) is a Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) senate approved Centre. The mandate of the centre is to trail blaze research in:

  1. Continuous professional development models for practicing technologists and trainers
  2. Pedagogies and Andragogies for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
  3. Policies issues in TVET and general education
  4. Comparative studies in TVET education

The CCBET centre is located at DeKUT main campus, 6km from Nyeri town along Nyeri – Nyahururu highway and 160km north of Nairobi city.


To excel in quality research and consultancy in competence-based knowledge transfer for self-reliance, policy and national development.


To advance the TVET field to spur national development through conducting cutting edge research and consultancies in competence-based education and training for self-reliance.


Education research for social change and self-reliance.


Active experimentation, individuality, progress, and change are fundamental toone's education.


In advancement of its philosophy and mission has researched on and developed continuous professional development courses that aims to retool TVET trainers so that they can be able to implement the TVET curriculum in a manner that will bring social change and self-reliance. The developed courses are:

A: Capacity building of TVET trainers

  1. Historical positioning of TVET in Kenya
  2. Philosophical foundations of TVET
  3. Designing, implementing and evaluating CBET curriculum and instructions
  4. Designing, implementing and evaluating of occupational standards
  5. The psychology of training in TVET
  6. Emerging andragogy and pedagogy for TVET
  7. Open distance and e-learning teaching strategies
  8. CBET testing, measurement, assessment and evaluation
  9. Subject instructional methods and strategies in TVET
  10. Comparative education for international consciousness

B: Governance of TVET institutions

Capacity building on governance will cover the following modules:

  1. Module One: Overview of Governance of TVET Institution
    1. Introduction to governance
    2. Education curriculum planning and management
    3. Organization structure of TVET system in Kenya
    4. Leadership and corporate governance in TVET institutions
    5. Dealing with diversity (conflict and group dynamics)
    6. Policies and legislative frameworks in TVET
    7. Functions of; principals, boards, councils and committees
    8. Improving quality, accessibility, inclusivity and relevance of TVET education
    9. Management of meetings
    10. Sensitization on MWONGOZO guidelines
  2. Module Two: Financial Administration and Management
    1. Financing of TVET education
    2. Mobilization of resources
    3. Short-term decision-making tools
    4. Allocation and utilization of resources
    5. Financial management
    6. Sustainable Procurement
    7. Human resource management HRM
  3. Module Three: Risk Management and Compliance
    1. Operational Risk Management
    2. Assurance & Compliance
    3. Contracts Management
    4. Technology & Risk Management
    5. Supply Chain Management
    6. Audits and financial reporting


The Centre has research interests in:

  1. Continuous professional development models for practicing technologists and trainers
  2. Pedagogies and Andragogies for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
  3. Policies issues in TVET and general education
  4. Comparative studies in TVET education

Currently, the Centre is implementing two researchers, namely:

  1. Research on teaching Engineering Drawing using multimedia and virtual reality technologies which is being funded by Kenya Education Networks (KENET)
  2. Research on viability of online teaching of engineering courses and other technical related fields.

Centre Director Profile

Dr Paul Wanyeki is an accomplished scholar who has worked in the TVET sector for over ten years. He has participated in the stakeholders’ workshop to draft National Skills Development policy and a committee member in development of DeKUT policies on double degree and post-graduate studies policies.

Dr. Wanyeki is currently an employee of DeKUT and chairs Technology Education Department whose responsibility includes development of TVET curricula and training of trainers for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Dr Wanyeki is also a Director of the Financially Independent Centers (FIC) at DeKUT, namely, Centre of Excellence in Competence Based Education and Training (CCBET) whose mandate includes advancing research and consultancy in CBET, education policy development, developing CPD programs for university staff, Work Based Training (WBT) also referred as Learning Factory; and development of short courses for capacity building of various industry players in TVET.

  • Dr Wanyeki has successfully bided and won a consultancy to retool8 trainers from Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology (KIHBT) with Technical Education pedagogy and andragogy practices. This entailed undertaking a situational analysis and developing a CPD curriculum and training and assessment guidelines that would run for a period of (128 Hours) 16 days.
  • In 2020 and under his leadership, Dr. Wanyeki and a team of colleagues successfully developed a proposal for the State Department of Vocational and Technical Training on training on governance for TVET Principals, Boards and Councils.
  • From January 2021 to April 2021, he acted as an Associate Consultant in charge of technical expertise in a consultancy project dabbed “Skills for Prosperity Kenya (S4PKE)”.   
  • In addition, Dr. Wanyeki competitively applied for a consultancy to research on pedagogies and andragogies that can be applied to train engineering design and drawing. The project commenced on 1st August, 2020 and is expected to run for 12 months up to 31st August, 2021. The project is funded by Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET).


Along Nyeri - Mweiga road  
Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Private Bag - 10143, Dedan Kimathi
Public Relations Office: 0727088807
Marketing Mobile: 0713123021
Registrar AA Office: 0713835965
Data Protection Office: 0715086810


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