Diploma in Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality Management

The diploma in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management involves the direct application of solid management practices and concepts in various service areas.

The areas include food, tourism, lodging, casino, and other hospitality-related industries. The program will familiarize students with the rapidly evolving field of sustainable tourism and hospitality management, enabling them to apply and assess the concept within a wider array of actual and potential tourism settings.

 The Diploma in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management aims to prepare students for progression to higher academic qualifications work and research in Sustainable Tourism, and Hospitality Management.

Course Requirements

KCSE  Mean  Grade  C  and  C-  in  English  or  Kiswahili .

Diploma in Security Management

Diploma in Security Management course provides comprehensive training in order to enhance professionalism and skills in Public and private sector security management.

This diploma covers issues related to administration and management of security of enterprise information systems and networks.

The diploma is aimed at developing capabilities to design detailed enterprise wide security plans and policies, and deploy appropriate safeguards (models, mechanisms and tools) at all the levels by providing due consideration to the life-cycle of the enterprise information systems and networks, as well as its legal and social environment. 

Course Requirements

KCSE  Mean  Grade  C-

Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management

The diploma in Supply Chain Management is 2-year program that provides hands-on education in the field of supply chain management. Programme Objective is to equip students with skills for career in procurement and Logistics Management in the public and private sector. The program will provide students with the tools necessary to strategize solutions to complex problems and situations and will develop their competence in the area of planning, sourcing, producing and delivery products and services.

The diploma will prepare students to understand and work in the supply chain management industry in the public and private enterprise. Students will develop skills and knowledge in fields of procurement, negotiations, leadership, logistics, risk management and information systems.

Course Requirements

KCSE Mean Grade C- and C- in English and Mathematics.

Diploma in Metal Work, Welding & Design

This diploma is an introduction to Metal Work and Welding in which students will learn many of the practical skills and techniques associated with the fabrication of metal sculpture. The aim of this course is to inspire and equip students with the skills to make metal structures. This course is favorable for students interested in building on making skills, people who have an avid interest in metalworking and the processes of doing.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma in Leather Technology

The diploma in Leather Technology offers practical elements of leather science, underpinned by essential theory. The program aims to develop existing knowledge of leather making problem solving and sustainability.

The knowledge and experience you will gain from this course will allow you to find work in the leather industry at various stages of the leather supply chain or progress further to the top-up year to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma in Information Technology

The diploma in Information Technology is created to provide students with technological skills and knowledge. They learn to explore how electronic data is created, processed and stored as well as topics such as security, hardware, software applications and artificial intelligence.

The course is designed to equip students  with the skills they need to top up  to a full Undergraduate Degree and go on to become an IT professional.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma in Furniture Technology & Interior Design

The Diploma  course in  Furniture  Technology  and  Interior design is designed and tailored  to develop knowledgeable and skilled persons with  positive attitude  who can identify, design,  develop  and  produce furniture   products  that  will meet the  contemporary   needs of the  changing  customer demands.

The Diploma in Furniture Technology and Interior Design aims to Provide the trainee  with  adequate  practical  exposure and  relevant  studio  experience  in  order to  develop  their confidence in designing, fabricating  furniture  products and producing interior  designs to meet diverse customer needs.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma in Food Science & Technology

The diploma in Food Science concerns the study of properties and behavior of food from the point of origin to the consumer while the technology aspect deals with the application of these sciences in the production and preservation of safe, nutritious, appealing and affordable food products with the application of modern scientific technologies.

 It is a desirable program for many individuals seeking the practical benefits of higher education, it typically takes one to two years to complete.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry/Physical Science.

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)

The two year program diploma is designed to equip the learners with the skills and knowledge they will require in the industry as Electrical Technicians. After successful completion of the course, the learners will be able to take up challenging roles in the Electric Engineering field. Also the skills obtained at the end of the course will prepare learners for self employment. 

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma in Coffee Technology & Cupping

Diploma in Business Administration

The Business Administration diploma offered at DeKUT is a two year program which helps students develops a successful career by establishing solid skills and knowledge in various business administration functions. Students will learn foundations of business functions such as management, accounting, marketing, communication & organizational behavior.

Furthermore, students will take advanced courses that would give them sold background on specializations such as finance, investment, strategic management, international business economics. The program focuses on preparing the student to work in a variety of business administration positions requiring the application of current industry policies, practices, and procedures and tools. Students will gain theoretical knowledge and hands-on.

Course Requirements

KCSE Mean Grade C- and C- in English and Mathematics.

Diploma in Building Technology

The diploma in Building Technology offered at DeKUT will equip students with all the skills and knowledge needed for success.  The student will learn about the latest developments in the construction of sustainable and hi-tech buildings, and develop a wide range of management skills. And the course will help them understand the complexities of government policies and regulations, and how these affect the industry.

The trainers use a number of different teaching methods, including attachment-based learning, which enable the students to gain experience and develop a portfolio.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Diploma Fashion Design & Interior Decoration

The diploma in Fashion Design and Interior Decoration is a two year diploma program that allows students to explore the exciting world of design and begin to understand the background and knowledge needed to develop a career in this field. 

Students are required to undertake rigorous practical which involve learning how to create and design clothes from scratch and are also involved in fashion shows which are a requirement to complete their diploma course. These skills are necessary to build a successful business and begin developing the kind of portfolio that will lead to future career opportunities.

Course Requirements

KCSE aggregate grade of C- with C- in Mathematics and English.

Certificate in Metal work, Welding & Design

Certificate in Information Technology

Certificate in German Language

Certificate in Furniture Technology & Interior design

Certificate in Fashion Design & Interior Decoration

Certificate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power Option)

Certificate in Coffee Technology & Quality Management

Certificate in Building Technology



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