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Embracing the Journey: From Modelling to Eastern Talanta Awards (ETA)

Meet Joel Kilonzo – A Civil Engineering student.

 Mr DeKUT Joel Kilonzo"My modeling journey, to participating in the ETA Awards, has been a transformative experience. Through perseverance, resilience, and a strong support system, I have been able to navigate the challenges of the industry and grow both personally and professionally. To aspiring models, I encourage you to embrace the journey, believe in yourself, and never be afraid to chase your dreams. Modeling is not just about appearances; it is a platform for self-expression, creativity, and personal growth." – Joel Kilonzo.



Joel is a third-year student at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) pursuing his undergraduate degree in Civil engineering. His journey in modelling began with curiosity and his passion for fashion. He was drawn to the idea of using his physical appearance as a means of artistic expression. Through networking, he met with the then Mr. DeKUT. He discovered opportunities within the DeKUT Modeling Club. Joining this club allowed him to explore his creativity and develop skills in a supportive environment.


He emerged as the winner in the Mr. and Miss DeKUT pageantry 2023. Participating in the Eastern Talanta A wards (ETA) was a significant milestone in his modelling career. It provided him with a platform to showcase his skills and creativity on a larger scale. He had the opportunity to work alongside renowned designers, photographers, and fellow models. He emerged as the first runner-up in the ETA Awards. It was a humbling experience reinforcing the importance of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement.


Throughout his journey in modelling, he has learnt valuable lessons that extend beyond the runway. He says confidence is crucial; embracing one's unique qualities and individuality is essential in the industry. Secondly, resilience; rejections and setbacks are inevitable, which should never deter one from pursuing their dreams. Lastly, networking; building connections with industry professionals and fellow models opens doors to new opportunities, collaborations and an opportunity to learn from those who have long been in the modelling space.


His advice to those aspiring to pursue modelling is to believe in themselves and their abilities. Confidence will be their greatest asset. Secondly, they should be prepared to work hard and stay committed. The industry demands dedication, discipline, and continuous improvement. Finally, build a support system by surrounding yourself with mentors, fellow models, and industry professionals who can guide and inspire you.



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