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Meet Jacinta Mumbi Kagecha – An Actuarial Science Student with Great Love for Cars


Jacinta Mumbi Kagecha“Actuarial Science is all about math and I was good at that so I decided to study it but I love cars. I chose to study at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) because students take a shorter period to complete their course compared to several other institutions due to the seamless flow of semesters and few interruptions, if any - especially those within the control of the DeKUT fraternity like strikes. I have come to also find studying at DeKUT fun and I really enjoy the conducive environment. Given my love for cars, I started involving myself in automotive engineering in my early days after joining DeKUT. I went ahead and registered to study it as a course in another institution. I also work at King’ong’o junction garage where I get my practical experience on the mechanics aspect of the course; so far I can do almost all the mechanical work. ” - Jacinta Mumbi Kagecha.


Mumbi is a 3rd Year Student pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Actuarial Science here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology but is also pursuing a Diploma in Automotive Engineering at Nyeri National Polytechnic. That said, she is pursuing two courses at once and is employed as a mechanic at a garage; something not very common with most of her peers. What can you ascribe this to? Drive? Passion? Focus? Too much free time on her hands?


Throughout her studies at all levels, Mumbi was excelling in Math and when it came to selecting what course to pursue at the University, Actuarial Science was a perfect fit. She didn’t ignore this and neither did she ignore her love for cars. After all, who says you can only pursue one field? Mumbi went ahead to enroll for a degree course in Actuarial Science, a course she says she enjoys immensely but also, she did something about her love for cars. Looking closely, she is driven by her love for math and passion for cars. Those who have interacted with her while in action pursuing these two fields have attested to that. When she is not busy with class or her work as a mechanic, she unwinds through nature walks and playing volleyball.


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Asked what inspires her, Mumbi says that she is inspired by her parents and her hunger for success.  Her mantra “everything is possible as long as you believe you can do it” guides her every day and explains how she is able to take on studies  and practice in two areas of interest to her at a go. She is taking steps by seeking career advice and is looking forward to seeing how these two fields she is pursuing, driven by her excellence in math and love for cars, can meet in the near future to form a career she’ll enjoy. Some of her dream employers are DT Dobie and Toyota Kenya. In the meantime, she continues focusing on her studies and her garage work as she hopes to open her own garage in the near future.


Is Mumbi an actuary, an engineer or a mechanic? Only time will tell but for now, she is working towards becoming all that; and it’s possible. After all, as Napoleon Hill put it, your only limitation is the one you set up in your mind.


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