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Meet Muriithi Kaimoe – The Immediate Past Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management



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“There are places that are simply your place of work and there are those that become home. Home is what Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) has been to me. I have served the University diligently; with commitment and love and now it’s time to exit. Out of the many activities; in teaching and administration that I have been involved in at DeKUT, my best was the interaction with students both in class and as their Dean in the Directorate of Students Welfare. I remember how refreshing it always was to interact with them freely and this is what I spent most of my lunch hours doing especially when I was their dean; I will dearly miss this. I have kept contact with many of the former students and it gives me much joy to see them progressing well and being of impact to the society. When I look back to where the institution has come from and where it is today, I have no doubt that there are better days ahead; that the institution will keep growing from strength to strength ”- Muriithi Kaimoe


Some simply call him Mr. Kaimoe but to others, he is a doctor, professor and there is a category that cannot let go of the name “Dean”. He has been a backbone to so many and in so many ways. On the corridors or his office, he interacted with everyone with so much ease and love and it was not hard to tell that he cared not only about the University but every individual and stakeholder of the University. In this month’s spotlight feature, we reminisce on his stay at DeKUT as he marks his retirement and also let you in on some things you might not have had a chance to know about him yet.

Where were you in 1978? What were you doing then? This is the year Mr. Kaimoe started working at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (then Kimathi Institute of Technology - KIT) and was 1 of the 2 teachers who foresaw the admission of the first 32 students into the Institute. He has since worked with impeccable dedication to grow the Institution from KIT to KUCT (Kimathi University College of Technology) and now, DeKUT. As he continued his service in KIT, he pursued further education and in 1992, Mr. Kaimoe graduated with a M.Ed in Small Enterprise Development from the University of Illinois, U.S.A and started working with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) under the United Nations Development Programme where he was involved in, to mention but a few, conducting all training needs assessment surveys, recruitment, selection and admission of trainees, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects training activities, preparation of various projects work plans and funding proposals, planning and organizing marketing missions, exhibitions, trade fairs and study tours for project beneficiaries. He was also paramount in training on entrepreneurial and marketing skills.He did all thiswhile still teaching in KIT and his networks bore great benefits to the institutions through collaborations.

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Mr. Kaimoe has worked with different organizations, both local and international, on various projects offering his expertise on training of trainers and adult learning;training on business and enterprise management; preparation of business plans;conducting baseline surveys or assessment studies and documentation; designing and developing training curriculums and materials such as case studies, success stories, training manuals and guidebooks;conducting, monitoring, review and evaluation of projects;proposals and reports preparation writing. Using his wealth of knowledge and experience in these areas, Mr. Kaimoe helped the University in the establishment of the first of a kind centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management towards creation of an entrepreneurial University. He was serving as the first director of this centre at the point of his retirement on 20th September, 2020.

Besides being a lecturer in the School of Business, Management and Economics and serving as the Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Mr. Kaimoe served in another very special capacity; as the Dean of Students. Despite leaving this office 3 years ago, most students, alumni and some staff still refer to him as Dean. This is because, from the horses’ mouths, he held them in his embrace as a father does his children and to them, this name symbolizes a lasting relationship. Mr. Kaimoe’s last task at the University was to train the Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company’s (NYEWASCO’s) employees who are about to retire. The training took place from Monday 14th September to Friday 18th September, 2020; he terms this task as interesting given that he was also retiring in the same week and states that he is grateful to have had such an opportunity during his last week at the University.

While it’s time to rest from active duty here at the University, we have no doubt that Mr. Kaimoe will continue applying his knowledge and wisdom and with his big heart of service, he will keep being of impact to the society. We are because such great people like him walked before us and made the path clear.

We celebrate you MuriithiKaimoe and wish you a Happy Retirement!


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