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“I was looking for a technical course that was unique and that’s how I ended up studying at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. I pursued a degree course in Leather Technology, a new course at the University at that time and a relatively new field of study in Kenya. I knew it was not going to be easy to secure employment but I felt great because the training equipped me to handle life after campus. I received skill – based training and exposure that prepared me and equipped me to be what I am today – a shoe designer. Before embarking on this journey, I had no idea what the future had in store for me. Now it’s clear that it’s full of opportunities and is promising.”- Eric Waithaka Njau


Eric Waithaka is our alumnus, BSc. Leather Technology, graduating class of 2017. After his fourth year of study, he got an internship at Bata Shoe Kenya. When his internship period elapsed, he got distressed wondering where to go next. It was at that point when the thought of applying the knowledge and skills learnt from school came to his mind. He embarked into designing single handedly determined to start a business in this field. As it is said, when you are determined to achieve something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen. Eric experienced this first hand for as soon as he set his eyes on the prize, he met a footwear designer by the name Mr. Moses Mwangi, Manager TPCSI (Training and Production Center for Shoe Industry). He helped him perfect his skill and has been his go to person for guidance in the field. “We got the design right. When I uploaded it as my WhatsApp status, all my friends expressed interest and turned to be my customers. That’s where the journey began.” – says Eric.


Eric is inspired by his desire to create and impact peoples’ lives. He is motivated when he sees his ideas come to reality through the work of his hands. He says that one of his greatest achievements is letting go of fear and starting this venture that to him is not just a job but his passion. Currently, he is making official footwear for men as he makes plans to expand his business to make women footwear as well as other leather products. His parting shot: “Leather field is the way to go. I urge investors to support the skills the young people, and old alike, have to make this industry thrive. Those who import materials should ensure they team up with those with technical knowhow so as to ensure availability of quality raw materials.

Finally, I invite people to visit and support my work by buying my products that are of quality and class. Those residing in Nairobi can buy via "Buy Kenya. Build Kenya." If everyone bought a locally made product, we would be very far as a nation.” 



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