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Mr Joseph Momanyi

Computer Science was my dream career but DeKUT has made it a reality. A programme such as Computer Science is of immense value in that it equips one with problem solving skills essential in every sector of the economy. Pursuing this course at DeKUT gave me an exposure to information and knowledge on technology and programming skills which empowered me and enabled me to develop I - Monitor,” Joseph Momanyi

You can now monitor the activities on someone else’s phone especially for security purposes thanks to a young developer, Joseph Momanyi.
Joseph Momanyi is our alumnus – graduating class of 2018. Computer Science was his dream career and today this dream is a reality as he successfully studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and is now a software developer. Passionate about problem solving, Momanyi found his gateway in programming and developed his first product, I – Monitor; a product developed under the mentorship and support of our Innovation and Incubation Hub (DeHUB).

What is I - Monitor?
I- Monitor is a monitoring software for android phones that allows one to monitor the activities on another person’s phone. Initially, the app was developed for parents to help them monitor their kids but there is more to it. With the app, employers can monitor their employees' company phone activities and anyone can use the app to monitor another person as long the app is installed in the gadgets they are using.

Asked what inspired the development of I – Monitor, here is what Momanyi had to say: “I remember the day vividly, a bright Sunday morning. I had just finished my weekly cleaning just like a normal campus lad. There was something bugging my mind though - "rogue developers". It was barely a month after a certain teenager had died for playing an online game duped blue whale, and it dawned on me that I should do something about it. That is how I-monitor was born.”

Currently, I – Monitor has over 1, 000 clients and receives an average of 3 clients per day.
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