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Meet Ombwayo Michael - An IT Graduate & Founder of Eujim Solutions Limited


Ombwayo Michael

“I chose Information Technology because I grew up in a rural area, Seme Kopudo, Kisumu County, where I had a few interactions with computers and technology. The world of computers seemed distant, almost like a fantasy that only a few could access. But everything changed when I joined Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School.  I  was  introduced  to  the  basics  of  computer technology through some introductory lessons. Pursuing  a  course  in  Information  Technology  was driven by genuine passion. I wanted to understand the inner workings of computers, unravel the mysteries of software and hardware and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology. This journey was not just about a career path but about pursuing something that resonated deeply within me. When choosing a University to pursue my studies in Information Technology, DeKUT stood out as the perfect choice. First and foremost, it has built a reputation for its strong focus on technology and innovation. The University’s commitment to providing cutting-edge education in Technology was a significant factor that attracted me. From the faculty’s expertise to the state-of- the-art facilities, I knew that joining DeKUT would immerse me in an environment that fosters technological excellence. - “Ombwayo Michael.


A DeKUT alumnus! Ombwayo Michael embodies dedication, creativity, and the spirit of innovation. Having achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from our revered institution, he has since made his mark in web application development and system administration, and he’s not stopping there! He’s presently advancing his expertise by undertaking a Master’s degree in Information Technology Security Audit and Assurance.


He is the visionary behind Eujim Solutions Limited, an IT company at the forefront of technological innovation. They provide cutting-edge software solutions and have developed an ingenious public participation automation platform - integrated with OpenAI (ChatGPT),is revolutionizing public participation in Kenya, bridging the gap between communities and decision-making processes.


In his current role at the Center of Employment The initiative, Michael is shaping Rwanda’s Labour Market Information System, leveraging his experience developing a similar successful system in Kenya labour His contributions in these areas have been instrumental in shaping economies and enhancing labour market transparency and accessibility. We beam with pride to see Ombwayo Michael carry forward the values of the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. His journey is a testament to our ethos of fostering innovation, driving change, and creating impact. Join us in applauding his achievements and encouraging a generation of technologists to follow his lead.


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