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Meet Diana Wangeshi Njuguna – A Lecturer & Author of the Book “Despite Everything.”


Diana Wangeshi Njuguna

“I love seeing women empowered. I am inspired by the passion of women living their best life and pursuing dreams at their individual levels and generally, I find joy in seeing women and girls doing their best to be better versions of themselves. I am open minded and love new ideas; I follow through to see their completion. I get inspired by being in spaces where there is positive energy. I enjoy learning from individuals who have made it their business to leave their comfort zone and dare to be the best version of themselves. I get this inspiration from reading books and listening to podcasts. I have learnt to act on this inspiration and this is what drove me to take the bold step of leaving my young family to pursue my PhD in Hungary. I have recently published a book ‘Despite Everything’ with the hope that as I have been inspired along my journey, I inspire others.” - Diana Wangeshi Njuguna.


Wangeshi is a Lecturer here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) currently on study leave to pursue her PhD in Health at University of Debrecen, Hungary. She is a holder of a Master of Science Degree in Medical - Surgical Nursing from the University of Nairobi (UoN) and Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from University of Eastern Africa Baraton, Kenya. Wangeshi joined DeKUT as a Lecturer in January 2016 and before leaving to pursue her PhD, she was the Chair of the Department of Nursing; which has now grown to School of Nursing.


In the book “Lean In” on Women, Work and the Will to Lead, the author Sheryl Sandberg - the current Chief Operations Officer of Facebook, asks this question in the first chapter: “What would you do if you were not afraid?” The strides Wangeshi has taken as a career woman, wife and mother depicts that she chose not to be afraid and did all she has achieved but the truth is, she felt afraid but did it anyway. As written in her recently released book “Despite Everything”, as a mother of three, a wife and a career woman, pursuing a PhD seemed like the hardest thing to do. In her narration during an interview with The Standard, she says that her colleagues, friends and even her mother tried to discourage her. “A few friends asked me to change my mind for the sake of the children, others warned me this would break my family and I would never forgive myself for making such a selfish decision” – she added. Call it a leap of faith, being daring, being a risk taker or even, being selfish but she has done it ‘all’ and is set to graduate in July this year (2022).

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In the words of Sheryl Sandberg, what would you do if you were not afraid? As demonstrated by Wangeshi, will you feel afraid but still do it anyway?


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Besides her studies, family and being an avid researcher who has published several papers on various topics in her area, Wangeshi engages in mentoring girls and women and is an active member of Rotary International; given her love for charity and community development. Her research interest is on prevention of communicable diseases with emphasis on cervical cancer for the reason that this is a preventable disease. She is keen to participate in research that cuts across disease prevention, health policy development and reforms to address existing gaps. She takes great pleasure in engaging communities on health promotion and educating the general population on healthy living.


Wangeshi, soon to be Dr. Wangeshi Njuguna, is among those who have stepped out of their comfort zone and proven that much can be achieved “Despite Everything.” What’s holding you back?


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