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Meet Kizito Nyongesa– A Bachelor of Business Administration (HR Option) Student


Mr Kizito Nyongesa

“I chose to study at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) because of the praise I had heard in regards to uninterrupted studies, timely completion and growth opportunities for students; I have not been disappointed. When it was time to specialize, my decision to pursue Human Resource (HR) as my area of specialization in Business Administration was informed by my desire to work towards sustainable performance in organizations to overcome challenges in a complex and ever changing environment, impact people everyday at the workplace and also to take responsibility of employees welfare and happiness. As I approach the end of my undergraduate studies, I can confidently say that I have really learnt a lot; especially in my area of specialization through the various units taught & experiences shared in the process and the industrial attachment experience. I have also learnt to relate and work well with people of different orientations towards a common goal and at this point, my career path is clear. ” - Kizito Nyongesa.



Nyongesa is a student in his 4th Year, 2nd Semester of studies in the School of Business Management and Economics (SBME) pursuing a degree in Business Administration, HR Option - here at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT). He was pulled to the HR specialization by his specific desire to serve employees needs and contribute to the growth of organizations. Through industrial attachment, Nyongesa had a chance to see the practical aspects (the application) of all he has been learning in class and how indeed, as a HR professional he can contribute to better performance of an organization.


In the period October 2021 to February 2022, Nyongesa got an attachment opportunity at the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB); an opportunity he says impacted his career path positively as he was able to relate things studied in class practically and the staff helped him gracefully through the journey. “My supervisors (Mr. Kenyatta Muhamad Kaula and Mrs. Grace Njoroge) together with other KFCB staff in the HR department took me through most of the HR functions in practical terms. From the attachment, I was able to know how HR planning is done in order to have the best professionals that are able to perform their duties effectively. I was shown how recruitment and selection of the best employees can be done by clearly following the stages of the recruitment process without any discrimination. I went through the health and safety measures that could be used to avoid injuries and harmful diseases. They also offered training on how to prevent HIV/AIDS that really taught me a lot. I went through the reward policies of the company and I was able to know how it works to motivate and encourage employees to perform better. Mrs.Njoroge exposed me to how labour law compliance is achieved by the organization. Being in the HR profession, training and development is paramount. I was made to know how the HR department organizes training programs for employees in various departments; this enabled most of their workers to be promoted to higher positions leading to an increase in remunerations thus retaining more motivated employees and with better skills. During my attachment, I also learnt about employee well being; how the HR department can create a healthy organization environment that values employees as the most important asset of the firm and also how to relate well with other employees in the firm. In addition, I learnt how to dress decently as a HR practitioner while in office, better communication skills, how senior workers delegate duties to their juniors, filing as a way of record keeping and how performance appraisals are done to evaluate employees. My interactions with the staff were so healthy and lively and they also commended me on commitment, timeliness, presentation, readiness to learn and accept corrections. This was followed by an award from the organization. My attachment was so impactful that I extended it by one month just to learn more” - narrates Nyongesa.

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Asked what inspires him, Nyongesa says that relating  well with people around him and also people taking responsibility for the actions undertaken inspires him to contribute to an environment where that is possible. He says that he is also inspired by how the management of DeKUT plans their schedules and makes sure that they manage their timelines. “For instance, I have been able to learn the importance of proper time management as a factor of employees and organization’s effectiveness through this” - he adds. In addition, Nyongesa says that the Kenya Film Classification Board staff really inspired him as he got to know a lot on how HR professionals should conduct themselves at the workplace for maximum production/ productivity.


“I remember Kizito from the very first HR unit I taught his class. I remember he spoke with passion & conviction about being in the right specialization, HR. I have since taught him and his cohort 3 HR classes and during every lesson, Kizito is attentive, dutiful and participatory. He is quick to volunteer and from that I have always seen his willingness to learn. After his attachment at KFCB, Kizito has grown even further. For instance, I have seen the change in his dressing and I told him so in class; before, he could come to class with an untucked shirt, wrinkled trousers, slippers etc. Nowadays, he wears shirts to class - neatly tucked in, polished shoes, sometimes he wears a tie; he is a completely different person. Even from his engagement in the class WhatsApp forum, one can see maturity in his way of thinking, perspective on different issues and his engagement with colleagues” - Dr. Anne Sang, Dean SBME.


To encourage his peers from his experience, here is what he says: “I would like to tell my fellow comrades that life requires one to establish good relationships with the people around them. One should learn to appreciate the small things done for them and also use them to impact others positively. I would like to appreciate the efforts made by members of KFCB staff for the good ideas on better ways one can relate well with others. Above all, despite any challenges one is going through, he or she should neither give up nor give in but instead, one should press on and keep trying. Failing for the first time should not lead to failing to try for the second, third and more times as then, one won't be starting from scratch but from Experience.”


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