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Meet Orina Dorothy– A 5th Year Mechatronic Engineering Student and a Techpreneur


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“My decision to pursue Mechatronic Engineering spurred from a recommendation by my physics teacher who, owing to my eyes allergy, advised that they might be too sensitive to handle the particles that may arise from the exploration of aeronautical engineering - a course I was very passionate about. I considered the advice and since I had a simultaneous compelling interest in Medicine, I looked up Biomechatronics, which is what I was to apply for only to discover that it is not offered in Kenya. I applied for Mechatronic Engineering and at the time, I wasn't looking forward to joining DeKUT. Looking back though, I am super grateful for how things turned out; I was admitted for another course in another university but after compromising on Biomechatronics, an unrelated course wasn't a compromise I was willing to make. I did an Interversity Transfer and the rest is not just history but my present and future. Several pages of my growth story have been written in DeKUT owing to the amount of exposure, nurturing and opportunities I have gotten while here. I am of the strong opinion that DeKUT provides a great career avenue where if one is keen and persistent enough, they can define their own professional path by the time they complete their course.” - Orina Dorothy.


What age would you guess a 5th year student is at; one who only waited 4 months to join University after Form Four and is in an institution where timely completion of studies is key? Definitely not above 22…….now let’s see what Orina has managed to achieve or if you like, explore by that age while still going through her studies for most part of her life.


In her words, Orina likes to savor life in its fullness and as such several activities tickle her fancy. That said, she has dipped her toes in live theater performance where she directed and acted in a play by Fusion called "Stircassa". She has also played roll ball and speed skating and was awarded Female Sports Personality of the year in 2019 in the DeKUT’s Comrade Choice Awards. Orina appreciates intentional dressing and has explored styling, designing and even sewing some of her outfits. She has in the past contested for Miss Kimathi, hosted two television shows and explored UI/UX development as well as Game Development which is something she really enjoys as, she says, it brings out her creative self. Orina is also into hustle and has operated a smoothie shop within the University environs. This is just on the surface though, let’s dive deeper.


Orina moderated the school election debate in 2019 and in the same year, she was the 1st runner up in the Africa Innovate Hackathon. Besides this, Orina founded Page Turners Kenya in this same year; Page Turners Kenya is a community based organization that aims to liberate little minds from their restricted scope of thought and imagination through books and on this note, Orina has established a library in Ng'andu community in Dagoretti, Nairobi with over 500 books and board games. In the year 2021, Orina co - founded iPop; an Augmented Reality startup which has already been featured in Business Daily Africa, The Nairobian and E-preneur Magazine. When the 2021 Mt. Kenya Innovation Week Hackathon was held, Orina and her partner Eric Mwenda won the first place position and were awarded a KES. 150, 000 grant. In addition to all this, Orina works as a Scratch Programming Coach under TAISA where she trains high school students on the basics of programming; TAISA stands for Taiwan Africa International Service Association and is an organization, based in Nyeri, that aims to promote technological literacy among students in high/ secondary school. In regards to her academics here at DeKUT, she has been awarded the Vice Chancellor's Award for exemplary performance.


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Recently, Orina and Eric Mwenda were featured in The Nairobian courtesy of their recent innovation AR Edu; a mobile application that uses Augmented Reality Technology to complement the CBC curriculum by projecting 3D models of learning materials in one’s environment which the student can interact with by rotating the model, bisecting it, zooming in on it and checking the different states of the particular item. In her further exploration of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality, Orina has been creating 2D and 3D games which she will be publishing to the Play Store soon. “I look to explore the same technology in Engineering and develop Virtual Systems for purposes of training, diagnosing and learning” - she adds.


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Asked what inspires her, Orina says that she attaches a great sense of importance to progress and hence edits her life frequently and ruthlessly. In the process, she says, she gets to realize that she has become something/someone she admired a year ago, or that she has accomplished something she thought very intimidating that someone else did 6 months earlier. These steps of progress, according to her, are her greatest inspiration as they make her believe that dreams are not just that. “I believe that the dreamers of the day are dangerous people for they may act on their dreams with open eyes to make them a reality. I want to be that dangerous person, and that is what keeps me going” - she says in emphasis.


We wish you all the best Orina as you strive to be this dangerous person while you savor life in its fullness. We are proud of you.


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