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“I chose to study at DeKUT because of the less study duration as compared to other universities but I got more; studying at DeKUT exposed me to skills that have enabled me to venture into an industry I knew nothing about.After graduating in 2017, I stayed at home for about two months very broke and of course, there was no way I could ask for money from my parents so since I had the skills and knowledge of producing leather, I thought of how I could produce leather that can really sell and which is different from what we get in the market and that’s when I thought, “why can’t I produce batik leather which was still my undergraduate project?” – Peris Njeri

 Peris Njeri graduated in April, 2017 after successfully completing her degree course in Leather Technology. She is now pursuing an MSc. Leather Technology here at the University while working as a graduate assistant. Asked about her experience at DeKUT she says, “The experience was great. I acquired a lot of skills and knowledge during my undergraduate studies. In fact, after graduating with a BSc. I enrolled for an MSc. at DeKUT. It is my experience at DeKUT that has enable me acquire skills that have enabled me execute projects that have impacted the society and the environment. I’m so grateful to the University.”

Peris says that DeKUT prepared her to face the world and to thrive in the leather industry as the units covered and the manner in which they were delivered equipped her with the skills and knowledge required to face the world after school as a professional in the field of leather technology and a being due to the holistic development approach of the University. “My transition to the job market was quite easy since I had all the skills and knowledge I needed thanks to DeKUT.” – she adds Peris points out her greatest achievement as having been able to produce leather and leather products from matumbo rejects,which she is now selling, and also supplying leather to different leather manufacturers in different parts of the country. She cites that in Kenya's projection towards the achievement of vision 2030, the leather industry was categorically identified as one of the under exploited sector that can propel our nation towards achievement of its endeavor so there is a bright future in leather and she wants to be part of those who will make this achievable. She is currently working on value addition of leather to enable her produce leather of higher quality in the long run.

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As a University, we are committed to producing relevant human resources to contribute to the attainment of national goals, vision 2030 and beyond. Peris is one among our many graduates who are out there demonstrating that we are achieving our mission and vision as a University.
Keep on Peris! Be the change!

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