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Meet Samuel Njoroge Mwangi – The 25 Year Old Vying for the Gathara Ward MCA Position


Samuel Njoroge Mwangi

 "Kenya is a developing country. There is a lot of growth happening from every end and procurement is at the centre in purchasing of goods and services. The fact that in everything we undertake, procurement is involved spirited me to pursue the course. My choice of the University, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT), was informed by the University's keenness on timely completion of studies, good and healthy learning environment and also the University's love for technology. I got even more; DeKUT, through involvement, exposure and DELIBERATE moulding, gave me the golden opportunity to understand politics and learn the dynamics of the political game. That is where my political ambitions were born” – Samuel Njoroge Mwangi.


Njoroge is an entrepreneurial and highly spirited young man driven by a desire and hope to serve and make a difference. He pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management here at DeKUT and graduated in 2019. While he could not vie for an official position in student leadership at the University due to various unprecedented and unavoidable circumstances, he kept his desire to learn, grow and lead and took on the journey to prepare himself for future opportunities. He is now tossing himself into the political career driven by desire and hope.


At 25, is Njoroge making the best choice? 


Our political arena is known to get murky but if we are honest, the same goes for any other career. While some might look at his age and wonder if he is up to it, Njoroge sees it as an opportunity to use his youthful years to change what he calls his small world and be what Mahatma Gandhi termed as, the change he wants to see in this world. Njoroge has been at the centre of uniting the young people and taking part in community projects such as building of community ECDE (Early Childhood Development and Education) centres, building of community halls for social community engagement and giving back to the society; especially to the elderly. All this and how he plans to use his position as the MCA is driven by hope. The hope to unify the people and accomplish the unity of purpose; the hope to elevate the education status of Gathara Ward; the hope that he can use his knowledge to make policies that can bring agriculture to another level such as introduction of guaranteed minimum returns of milk, potatoes, carrots etc. so as to elevate the quality of life of the people of Gathara. At the moment, he is encouraged by the reception of the people of Gathara Ward who are sharing in his hope by words and actions.

Samuel Njoroge Mwangi pic1

Asked to give a parting shot, here is what he said: “For us to be witnesses of progressive change,we have to take the front seat and be at the forefront in the decision making in the Nation. The responsibility is on us; all of us including the young lads of this Nation. This beautiful country requires us. We have to take risks because the safe choice is not always the best choice. We have to keep moving and pushing. We literally have no space to surrender and this is the only way we can be assured that the future is luminous. I am focused and determined to serve. I am here to serve. Gathara ward is in my heart.”


As your alma mater, we cheer you on Njoroge and wishing you all the best. We are proud of you!


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