Imagine Cup is one of the most prestigious student competitions in the world hosted by Microsoft. It happens in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Online Round (World Quarter Finals)

Projects are submitted online together with a pitch video and the software for demonstration. Once one wins the online round, they proceed to the regional finals; only 10 teams proceed to the regional finals. The winning teams get a chance to fly out of their country; fully paid expenses (round air ticket plus accommodation) by Microsoft for the regional finals. This year, the regional finals are in Amsterdam 

Stage 2: Regional Finals (World Semi - finals)

There are 3 regions:

a) Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

b) Asia

c) America

In the regional finals, the ten teams compete for a spot in the worldwide finals and more than $20000 cash prize. The top two teams in the regional finals (from each region) proceed to the world finals.

Stage 3: World Finals

This is the last stage where the 6 teams compete for a grand prize of $100,000 and a one on one mentoring session with Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella. The world finals take place in May in the United States and again, teams that make it to the world finals get a full expense paid trip. 

This year in the Europe Middle East and Africa region alone, 42 countries and hundreds of teams submitted their projects. At DeKUT, we are proud to have produced a team among the top 10 in this region through their project WildEye_KE; an innovation that seeks to bring technology to the wild to monitor & track animal activities & notify authorities in case animals stray away from the wildlife protected areas (WPAs), reducing poaching & human interaction with wild animals away from WPAs.

The team for Wild Eye_KE is composed of:

  1. Clinton Oduor 
    A 4th year student pursuing B. Sc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. A highly motivated tech enthusiast, community organizer and maker with a great passion for interfacing hardware Electronics with Software & AI.
  2. Julia Muiruri 
    A 2nd year student pursuing B. Sc. Information Technology. Actively involved in the Microsoft Student Program excelling in frontend development, team and project management and certified by Microsoft on Azure Fundamentals.
  3. Joshua Ndemenge 
    A 5th year student pursuing B. Sc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Actively involved in the Microsoft Student Partner program organizing events around AI & IoT and Certified by Microsoft on Azure Fundamentals.

This team acknowledges what they called the incredible support of the Vice Chancellor and mentorship of Dr. Ciira Maina; a Senior Lecturer in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Dr. Ciira is also a researcher in several areas including bioacoustics, IoT, machine learning and data science and Mr. Kenneth Njihia; the Projects and Community Outreach Coordinator of the University’s Innovation and Incubation Hub (DeHUB).




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