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Dr. Tonny K. Omwansa, CEO, Kenya National Innovations Agency (KENIA), pays a visit to the University to discuss commercialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship

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As a Technological University with a main focus on building capacity through quality education and creating an environment that engenders research, innovation, and technology development towards producing relevant human resources and leaders to contribute to the attainment of national development goals, we have also been keen on being an Entrepreneurial University.  Through the Startup Centre, the DeKUT Science and Technology Park (DeST-Park), and the Centre for Entrepreneurship Management (CIEM), the University has established an entrepreneurial ecosystem where innovators find an avenue to commercialize their ideas and launch startup companies. They turn research outputs into innovations that are commercially viable and eventually support the innovations towards the establishment of startup companies and fledging enterprises. To support this, the University has also partnered with the Kenya National Innovations Agency (KENIA). KeNIA has continuously engaged the University to deeply understand its commercialization capabilities, systems, and processes within the institution so as to develop interventions that can support more commercialization aligned to the institutional realities.


The Kenya National Innovations Agency (KENIA), in collaboration with a number of other government agencies, development partners, and the private sector, is working to catalyze the ST&I sector by assessing national and county-level innovation progress and strengthening research and commercialization capacity. The necessity to expand the contribution of research and academic institutions to the national pool of innovations available to consumers drives these initiatives to strengthen the national commercialization of research outputs. On 14th March 2022, the CEO, Dr. Tonny K. Omwansa, accompanied by a technical team from KeNIA paid a visit to the University to discuss commercialization, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We look forward to more partnerships and collaborations with the Kenya National Innovations Agency (KENIA).


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