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DeKUT Office of Career Services hosts a Tech Talk Hangouts with professionals from The Jitu and other international guests

DeKUT Office of Career Services hosts a Tech Talk Hangouts

The Jitu is one of DeKUT Office of Career Services partners. The office has been looking into ways to make the partnership more active and beneficial, and to begin with; they engaged the company to start holding Tech Talk Hangouts at least once a quarter. The first event of this kind occurred on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at 2.00PM at the University's Nelion Dome. The Tech Talk was attended by approximately 100 students and faculty members from mainly Computer Science and Engineering departments.


The Jitu and DedanKimathi University of Technology's collaboration is focused on developing talent to compete in the global market by offering technology training, developing learners, and making talent outsourcing easy and efficient.


During this first hangout, the speakers delved, in unique ways, into project management, design, software development, IT support staff, animation, 3D modelling, unity development and creative art. The team of speakers from both The Jitu and Griffin encouraged students to develop other soft skills such as effective communication, teamwork and networking. Mentorship programs, peer-learning and project-based group study methods are among the innovative approaches used by the Jitu to guide students. The Office of Career Services has been and continues to leverage this.


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This unique methodology improves learners' abilities by allowing them to become productive members of international development teams quickly. Students acquire the necessary classroom knowledge as well as the in-demand hands-on skills required for success in our fast-paced industry. From the vote of thanks given by one of the students present, the session was of significant impact.


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