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The Directorate of Research, Innovation Management, and Community Linkages holds a joint public lecture with the Kenya Bureau of Standards and other researchers themed "My Food for Thought".


Directorate of RIMCL holds a joint public lecture with KEBS September 2022


The Directorate serves as the University's reference centre for research, innovation, community projects, linkages, and partnerships. RIMCL coordinates and offers support to activities of the University's engagement with researchers, community, innovators, and industry to provide relevant training, community education, and development. The Directorate is currently tasked with resource mobilization, coordination of research activities by staff and students and their collaborators, intellectual property management, coordination of institutional collaborations and linkages, promotion of innovations, development, and execution of technology transfer programs and community outreach. The Directorate contributes to the internationalization of training programs by promoting collaborative research with other institutions, which exposes our staff and students to research issues on a global platform. On Friday, 12th September 2022, the Directorate of Research, Innovation Management and Community Linkages (RIMCL), in collaboration with researchers from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the Washington State University, held a joint public lecture dubbed 'My Food for Thought'.


The event, which was attended by University staff and students, aimed topromote the scholarly study of food. The presenters highlighted the latest research on the multiple ways food shapes business and economy, nutrition and health, the environment, and social relations. Dr. Njiru and Dr. Luvonga from the Kenya Bureau of Standards highlighted some collaborative efforts between KEBS and various research/academic institutions, including DeKUT. Part of their collaborations with the University involved the fabrication of a bio-sensor to detect adulteration of meat and meat products before distribution. KEBS has also collaborated with the University to develop a top-notch medical lab gadget that will enhance the storage of vaccines through a smart portable cold-chain system. As part of their strategic objectives, they aim to continue collaborative research with the Universityby promoting research in standardization and building the capacity of young and future metrologists.


The control of Listeria Monocytogenes in food products, particularly meat products, was also discussed by Professor Meijun Zhu, PhD, of Washington State University's School of Food Science. Her research focused on epidemics of listeriosis between 1998 and 2014. The research revealed that once connected to a food product; Listeria Monocytogenes increased resistance. To prevent Listeria monocytogenes from growing in raw food goods, the study suggests employing the spray-bar brush bed sanitizing intervention. Even though listeriosis is uncommon, it can be fatal, so food organizations must monitor it and check products. After her talk, she urged the students to learn more about how Listeria Monocytogenes is controlled in low-moisture food products.


Directorate of RIMCL holds a joint public lecture with KEBS September 2022 pic1


The utilization of bioactive substances to prevent and reduce levels of obesity was discussed in a presentation by Professor Min Du, PhD, of the School of Food Science at Washington State University. According to his research, the polyphenolic component resveratrol, which is prevalent in berries and other fruits, can considerably lower levels of obesity and metabolic diseases. He recommended those present eat a diet high in bioactive and polyphenol-rich substances.


Students and staff members were encouraged to collaborate with KEBS and Washington State University on research projects through this forum. Additionally, researchers from KEBS offered students a chance to become a part of the institution through academic attachments, internships, and research collaborations.


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